An Interview With Cage Warriors Prospect Cory McKenna

An Interview With Cage Warriors Prospect Cory McKenna

By Dan McConnell

Cory McKenna is one of the most exciting young female talents that European mixed martial arts currently has to offer, and is currently rising through the ranks of Europe’s leading mixed martial arts promotion.

The Welsh-native currently fights in the Cage Warriors 115-pound division and at just 19 years old, is making huge strides in her MMA career. Cory was a pleasure to interview, make sure you keep a close eye on ‘The Hobbit’ big things are coming!

Cory now your only 19 years of age and very young when it comes to your MMA journey and career. I asked Cory what initially got her into the sport.

“I started karate at 10 and made the natural progression through the disciplines (winning national titles in each) before starting MMA at 13. I may only be 19 but in terms of experience and competition years I wouldn’t describe myself as being young in the sport.”

Cory had a very successful amateur MMA career going on an 6-0 unbeaten streak, I wanted to know what was it like to sign for a top European promotion like Cage Warriors.

“Going 7-0 as an amateur and holding 2 BCMMA (now Cage Warriors academy SE) set up the progression on to the main stage rather nicely. I was over the moon to be one of the few who are able to debut on Cage Warriors, especially given that I was on the main card.”

Cory is currently 3-1 with Cage Warriors, and is just coming off an impressive RNC victory over Fannie Redman. Cory is next scheduled to fight in her birthplace of Colchester later this month, I wanted to know what her reaction was when the fight was made on this card.


“Ah, I get asked this a lot, seeing as my family are from Wales and that’s where I live I’d consider that my hometown. Though I did live for a proportionate amount of time in Colchester (due to my dads military career) and so it will be nice to fight in the same venue that I had my very first amateur fight and in front of many old friends/team mates.”

Cory has trained with Team Alpha Male for quite some time, I asked Cory how good this experience is and what is it like to train under the watchful eye of Uriah Faber.

“I’m very fortunate in my situation, I have great training back home but also have built up a great relationship with T.A.M; Urijah puts numerous hours into me and for that I am very grateful.”

Cory doesn’t seem to have a fighters nickname, I asked if she had anything in mind or was there anything in her amateur days she went by.

“It was put to a vote before my last fight and we will be sticking with ‘the hobbit’. I’ve been called that in the gym since I was 13/14 fighting Thai boxing.”

With only having 4 fights in her pro career so far, Cory’s MMA journey is still very much in its infancy, I wanted to know what specifics she was working on for her upcoming fight.

“I won’t elaborate too much, I am always working to improve and better myself on a daily basis, but the main thing for me is being switched on/ready on the first bell (having gotten caught off guard early in the first round of my last fight)”

Most MMA fighters want to compete in the UFC one day, and I wondered if Cory had put a timetable on when she wanted to be there.

“No time frame, I just want to keep fighting the best fights available to me and at the moment that is with Cage Warriors (the best show in Europe). I’m in no rush but when the opportunity arises I will be ready.”


Cory McKenna returns at Cage Warriors 105 on Friday 31st May.

Image: Chris Fairweather/Huw Evans Agency

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