Fury vs Schwarz: A PPV Too Far?

Fury vs Schwarz: A PPV Too Far?

When you command the hourly rate Tyson Fury does, the announcement that his fight with Tom Schwarz will be a PPV offering in the UK can’t have come as too much of a surprise, the only surprise was why it took so long.

Fury will make his ESPN debut when he fights the unbeaten but unheralded Schwarz in Las Vegas on 15 June.

Since David Haye and Audley Harrison almost killed the UK PPV market in 2010, we have seen a recent boom that has seen practically every major fight in recent years end up on various PPV platforms.

In the next few months we will see 3 of the big 4 heavyweights showcase their skills on PPV, although Deontay Wilder is free to Sky Sports subscribers this weekend.

Fury, Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte have a price, and a price that we must pay an additional fee for. We can complain about it, social media blows up every time a PPV gets announced, but the majority get sucked in and purchase regardless. If the numbers didn’t add up for the likes of Sky and BT they wouldn’t do it, to stop it we need to stop.

In any other era, Whyte vs Oscar Rivas or Fury vs Schwarz wouldn’t be near a PPV, arguably put the two fights on the same card it still wouldn’t be PPV worthy.

Sadly there are no signs that either of the big 4 will actually fight each other in the near future. The blame game will continue, and the status quo will remain.

Eventually the paying public will force their hand and almost shame them into taking the fights we want, hopefully that is sooner rather than later.


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