Jordan Gill: Lessons Learned in Nottingham

Jordan Gill: Lessons Learned in Nottingham

Big time boxing returned to Nottingham on Friday night, as Eddie Hearn brought his roadshow to the land of Robin Hood. For the most part the evening was without drama, and the ‘away’ fighters were following the perceived script.

The opponent of Fabio Wardley brought back painful memories of Chuck Gardner, and left me wondering what if any training had been done, and how strict the medicals really are.

Touted amateur stars made their first steps into the pro game. Charles Frankham fought a little tall, and was caught a bit too frequently. Dalton Smith impressed, and looks a more than capable addition to the paid ranks.

Leigh Wood sent his passionate vocal fans home happy and almost guaranteed future nights in the same arena.

However, an unfancied Mexican gave us an ending few could seriously have thought.

Fighters are by definition exactly that, they earn their living by means us mere mortals can’t. Jordan Gill will have learned many lessons by his experience at the hands of Enrique Tinoco.

Gill is only 24, and is too good for his first professional loss to be a fatal end to a highly promising career.

Should we believe the food poisoning excuse, from what we have seen previously, I think Gill deserves a pass. With a body already depleted by the torture of making weight, spending the majority of fight day on the toilet would not have allowed his body to replenish and rehydrate.

Gill didn’t look himself, and he will be asking himself today why he didn’t pull a sickie.

Immediate rematches are not always the best move for the beaten fighter, but you feel Gill needs it. There are now doubts, not just from fans but probably Gill himself, and before Gill can move forward, those doubts need to be removed.

Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images


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