Alex Bellingham to Chime Loud in Brentwood

Alex Bellingham to Chime Loud in Brentwood

Alex Bellingham is loving life in the paid ranks as he prepares for his second professional contest on Saturday’s #MTKFightNight event at the Brentwood Centre live on iFL TV.

Rising star Bellingham (1-0) enjoyed plenty of success as an amateur, and he’s excited to show how much he has developed since making the switch to professional.

Bellingham said: “I’ve found the transition from amateur to professional really good. It’s been quite easy as even when I was an amateur I always liked to sit down on my punches.

“When you’re an amateur it’s about being really busy and constantly throwing punches as you’ve only got three rounds, but I feel like I’m settling into the professional ranks really well.

“I’m looking forward to this fight on Friday, and by the end of the year I want to hopefully be 5-0. That means I can then push on towards title contention in 2020.

“I’m a long way off talking about titles at the moment, so for now it’s just about going from strength to strength and trying to increase my fan base.”

Bellingham is part of a packed #MTKFightNight event on Saturday, which also features a number of exciting stars, including Liam Walsh, Danny Dignum, Shaquille Day, Liam Conroy, Harlem Eubank and many more.


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