Egbunike: This Fight is Hurdle to Titles

Egbunike: This Fight is Hurdle to Titles

Rising star Daniel Egbunike knows he needs a big performance on Saturday’s #MTKFightNight event at the Brentwood Centre as he looks to move into title contention.

Unbeaten Egbunike (4-0, 3 KOs) wants to be fast-tracked towards the top, and he plans on producing a stellar display this weekend to show that he is more than ready for the big names.

Egbunike said: “I need to get over this hurdle to work towards titles. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, but these night fights that I have this year will put me right back in the mix exactly where I belong and where I need to be.

“I’m buzzing to be back and I didn’t take any time out after my last fight. I thought my last performance was OK, but there is room for lots of improvements and you’ll see that in this fight.

“The main thing from my last fight was that everything I was practising in training and sparring was working. In this next fight I know that my opponent will come and test my talent and I’ll do exactly the same to him.

“I’ll squeeze all of the hard work and talent out of him and we’ll have a good fight on our hands. It will be a big performance from me. My weight is good, I’ve been upping the training and I’ve had some quality sparring, so I’m ready to go.”

Egbunike is part of an exciting #MTKFightNight event on Saturday, which also features a number of big names, including Liam Walsh, Danny Dignum, Shaquille Day, Liam Conroy, DP Carr, Harlem Eubank, Alex Bellingham and many more.

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