FightPost Team Predictions: Canelo vs Jacobs

FightPost Team Predictions: Canelo vs Jacobs

By Josh Wooler 

There’s only one place to look for this week’s FightPost boxing predictions: Las Vegas for Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’s middleweight unification clash with Danny Jacobs.

Both men will battle for middleweight supremacy as IBF champion Jacobs, will challenge for Canelo’s WBA and WBC belts, along with his Ring Magazine and lineal titles.

The winner may well go on to challenge Demetrius Andrade later in the year to complete the set at middleweight or could even take on Kazakhstan’s Gennady Golovkin who both men have gone the distance with in recent years.

Despite differing results many would argue that both fighters gave similar accounts of themselves when taking on Golovkin, however almost the entire FightPost team are siding with Canelo on this occasion, with most believing the fight will go the full 12 rounds.

Aidan O’Connor Canelo KO 8
Ben Gibson Canelo KO 7
Dan McConnell Canelo Decision
FightPost Canelo Decision
Gary Kittilsen Canelo KO 9
Henry Walter Canelo Decision
Jack Maher Canelo Decision
Jack Price Canelo Decision
Josh Wooler Canelo Decision
Liam Lawer Canelo Decision
Matthew Dean Jacobs Decision
Paul Oltai Canelo KO
Rachel Twolives Canelo Decision
Sina Latif Canelo Decision


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