Crawford vs Khan: Can Khan Prove Everybody Wrong

Crawford vs Khan: Can Khan Prove Everybody Wrong 

Anthony Crolla was predictably dismantled last weekend by the brilliance of Vasly Lomachenko. This weekend another British boxer Amir Khan faces similar insurmountable odds when he takes on the equally sublime Terence Crawford for his WBO welterweight title at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

The good news for Khan is that the chances of him beating the American are slightly better than the odds of Crolla beating Lomachenko last week. But in truth, hopes of a Khan victory are extremely remote, and that’s being generous.

That’s no real reflection on the abilities of either Khan or Crolla it’s just the quality of opposition they have chosen to share a ring with.

Crawford the three-weight world champion is on a different career trajectory to Khan. At his physical peak, unbeaten and settling nicely into his new weight division, Crawford has bigger things ahead.

Khan the Olympic silver medalist and a former world champion in his own right is unquestionably on that irreversible decline and has been for some time in all honesty.

Performances in recent years have been mixed, inconsistent and at times increasingly concerning.

Khan is at the stage of his career where you worry that every punch he further absorbs he will pay a heavy price for in the years to come.

A boxers career and even their legacy are often viewed by the fights they do take and maybe in Khan’s case the ones he didn’t take.

Not taking the Kell Brook fight will always hurt him in the public perception of him, maybe a little harshly. Khan taking the fight with Canelo Alvarez was always the wrong move, even before the benefit of hindsight.

The fight with Canelo was taken no doubt in frustration that the other big fights he so badly craved failed to materialise.

There are reasons why the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao didn’t fight Khan when Khan was at his peak. There is also a very good reason why Khan has now been picked to fight Crawford.

The miles on the clock are plain for all to see, and whatever words are said, the clock can’t be turned back.

There has always been disdain, hate even for Khan by some, and much like James DeGale it’s grossly unwarranted. Khan’s resume is hugely impressive, but like DeGale he may well find that 2019 will be his last year in the sport.

Crawford has a certain aura about him, calm, assured, supremely confidence but without the arrogance that has stopped many others before him from achieving their potential.

Khan is expected to lose but Crawford won’t have let that affect him in his preparations for the fight. Hopefully, the likes of Errol Spence Jr are in Crawford’s future, the fight we absolutely must get to see.

The fight will be more competitive than Lomachenko vs Crolla, but ultimately the ending will be the same. Khan will have some success early on, but Crawford will eventually find his range and will at some point batter a forever brave Khan into submission.

Crawford will then move on, Khan will also move on, but hopefully to a life outside of boxing. The hope then is, that like DeGale, that respect comes in retirement.


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