My Favourite Fighter: Michael “Venom” Page

My Favourite Fighter: Michael “Venom” Page

By Kieran Cobley

There are lots of fighters that I am a fan of, like Daniel Cormier, Stephen Thompson, Anderson Silva and Nathaniel Wood, but I only have one true favourite. Michael “Venom” Page.

Venom has only really came to prominence in the last three or so years, and I don’t really know, or understand why. The guy has it all, a flamboyant style of fighting that excites fans, some of the best trash talk in the game (just look at how much he riled up Paul Daley at the press conference held in London before their fight), as well as being a fighter who is getting better and better with every fight.

As someone who has practised Kickboxing and Taekwondo from an early age, I’ve always enjoyed MMA fighters that prefer to keep fights standing up, and I still do to this day. This is why I’m drawn to Page. His kicking and striking style merges flamboyance, power and accuracy all into one, I mean, he literally caved Evangelista Santos’ skull in with a flying knee at Bellator 158. MVP has submission’s in his resume too, finishing three of his 14 wins by submission. This specialist style of fighting draws you into an MVP fight, because you want to see what else he has up in his sleeve, as well as there always being a chance of an incredible KO finish.

Page isn’t just an absolute warrior in the cage though, because he’s a gentleman on the outside of it. While MVP does talk trash to opponents in order to promote fights and get an advantage in the psychological warfare before stepping foot in the cage, outside of it he is as nice as pie, and I have first-hand experience of this.

I was lucky enough to cover the press conference in London for his fight against Paul Daley, and MVP made sure that everyone who wanted a photo, or an interview, or whatever they wanted after the conference, got it. When I asked for a photo he made sure I got it despite a Bellator official saying I wasn’t allowed one as it was “media only”, despite the fact I was there as official media representing FightPost. He didn’t have to do this, but he did, and that is really the mark of a true gentlemen.

For me, MVP is a fighter that is really going to help MMA grow as a sport in the UK. His flashy style of fighting will get a new generation of fighters into the sport, especially now Bellator is more accessible than ever through Sky Sports and Channel 5 coverage. I also see a Bellator world title in MVP’s future, and that could come as soon as this year if he wins Bellator’s welterweight grand prix, which I expect him to do.

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