Crolla No Match For Lomachenko

Crolla No Match For Lomachenko 

It was brutal, it was predictable but thankfully it was mercifully short as Vasyl Lomachenko retained his world lightweight titles at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 4 one-sided rounds.

Anthony Crolla showed his usual bravery but the fight showed us the difference between a world champion and THE world champion.

Crolla said he would shock the world, but it was never remotely going to happen, there wasn’t a shred of evidence to suggest it was likely. You sense sometimes the fighters are embarrassed about what they feel obliged to say to sell the product.

That is no slur on Crolla, he was there on merit, if we go off the rankings, and he’s a former champion in his own right. Multiple champions in weight divisions make these types of fights far more regular than they should be.

Crolla had every right to be there, as the likes of Tony Sibson and Dave ‘Boy’ Green did all those years ago when they had the misfortune of challenging Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Rankings are there for a reason, but they are often manipulated, and a fighter’s position in the rankings is sometimes more due to vigorous lobbying or the strength of the fighter’s connections rather than any true worth.

Boxing politics often prevents us seeing the fights we want, but it also gives us fights we don’t want, or shouldn’t have.

Whatever the opinion on the fight, Crolla deserves a pass to the criticism. Crolla like the rest of his rare breed are on this planet to do one thing, if you offer they will take.

Crolla was more than worthy of his place in the rankings, the position could be debated in fairness. However, this time the problem was more down to Lomachenko being just too good. Much better fighters than Crolla have and will suffer at the hands of Lomachenko.

Just because a champion is so much above the competition, should a ranked fighter be denied his chance?

Crolla despite what he said pre-fight probably knew what was in store for him against Lomachenko. The beaten former world champion says he is considering his future, there should be nothing to consider, his next move should be a given.

The champion is some talent, a fighter as close to the perfect fighting machine as there is around in the current era. Hopefully, he gets the fights his skills deserve.

Sadly we might not have to wait that long to see another British fighter suffer a similar fate. Amir Khan faces his own mountain to climb next weekend, and Terrence Crawford’s fists are likely to tell Khan, dare to dream but reality hits harder.


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