Anthony Crolla: To Dream or Not to Dream

Anthony Crolla: To Dream or Not to Dream

By Jordan Harrison 

When it was announced that the popular Mancunian Anthony Crolla would be heading to Los Angeles, California to challenge the boxing wizard Vasyl Lomachenko for the WBA, WBO and The Ring lightweight titles, the reception to the fight was mixed at best.

The fight was met mostly with backlash from boxing fans with many calling it a mismatch and labelling Crolla as nothing more than a lamb to the slaughter.

This sort of reaction is expected in modern boxing due to the cold nature of keyboard warriors but while it is expected, is it acceptable?

Many fans make the argument that because it is us who buy the tickets, get the PPVs and buys merchandise, we have every right to say what we please about any fighter and any bout they may be participating in.

Now, I agree with this argument to an extent. As fans we are the main provider of financial reward in boxing. For boxers, we are the hand that feeds them to a certain degree and so have the right to express our opinions.

However, is it acceptable to consistently criticize, bombard and downright mock a fighter just because we don’t like the fight they have agreed to? No, it certainly isn’t in my honest opinion.

Boxers go through the most intense training regimes, they face serious injuries and they put their lives on the line every single time they step foot in the ring so to see a fighter like Anthony Crolla get such disrespect for taking the chance to be the best sickens me.

You don’t have to like the fight, you don’t even have to watch the fight but you do have to show respect to a boxer who is taking risks and trying to be the best they can be.
A fighter can always dream.


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