Is Conor McGregor Facing More Legal Problems?

Is Conor McGregor Facing More Legal Problems?

By Ross Markey 

It seems as of recent times, former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion Conor McGregor finds himself in hot water with the law more often than not. The Dubliner has allegedly been accused of assaulting a man during an incident in Driminagh’s Marble Arch pub, according to Irish newspaper The Sun.

McGregor, 30, arrived back on Irish shores late last week ahead of a special guest appearance at SBG Ireland’s Wimp 2 Warrior programme finale in Clondalkin’s Green Isle Hotel, after spending several weeks in Miami, where he also landed himself in trouble with law enforcement. The polarizing striker was involved in an incident with a British man outside the Fontainebleau Hotel, smashing the fans phone before leaving with it in his pocket, leading to his arrest and a subsequent felony charge.

The Crumlin native is alleged to have been taunted by a local pub goer on Saturday night resulting in the altercation. The man in question is alleged to have told McGregor, “The Russian battered you”, the comment referring to his one-sided defeat to current lightweight best and Dagestan sambo specialist Khabib Nurmagomdov at last October’s UFC 229.

‘The Notorious’ one has his Miami hearing scheduled later this week but does not have to appear back on the East coast for the date. McGregor, who recently announced his second retirement from mixed-martial arts before making a swift ‘u-turn’ during a heated back-and-forth with fierce foe Nurmagomedov, and submitted a recent USADA drug test, which firmly keeps him within the testing pool, and still remains in the promotion’s rankings.

More information as the story unfolds.


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