UFC London: Till vs Masvidal Head to Head

UFC London: Till vs Masvidal Head to Head

By Sandi Martin & Aidan O’Connor 

For the upcoming event in London, we decided on doing something a little different. Aidan and Sandi had different opinions on how the fight would go and the reasoning for this so we decided to put this into writing.

Aidan O’Connor: Darren Till 

His Size and Power

It is no secret that Darren Till is a huge welterweight, this has been the point of conversation for some time now with him missing weight twice in his career vs Stephen Thompson and in his bout against Jessin Ayari.

Darren has admitted that he became obsessed with his weight at UFC 228 when he fought Tyron Woodley as every interview he was doing was talking about missing weight as well as a lot of the online social media interactions with fans and journalists.

Although Till technically only stands around an inch taller than his opponent, the sheer width of him is completely something else. I believe that this could benefit him in terms of his toughness and the power that he possesses. Although Masvidal is an absolute warrior, I do not feel he has the same toughness or strength that Till has in his locker.


Darren Till quickly rose to the top having only 6 fights in the UFC before fighting for the Welterweight Championship. A lot of pressure was put on the shoulders of this man and unfortunately for him, he fell short at the final hurdle. I feel that in this fight he will be looking for redemption, he certainly has the ability and ambition to become the champion but if he wants any chance of getting there again he needs to channel that focus into his training and his opponents, which he seems to have done in this fight camp. In a recent picture he posted on IG he looks shredded, leaner and ready for war.

Home Crowd Advantage

Darren Till is the sort of fighter that would fight anywhere in front of any crowd, anywhere in the world very much the same as Masvidal. He doesn’t mind going into enemy territory but he clearly thrives when it’s in England and he has the home crowd backing him. With his victory against Stephen Thompson coming in Liverpool in front of a sold-out home crowd, you would expect a similar performance in London in front of yet another sold-out crowd. The English fans are well known for the pure passion that they show during events and I feel this will feed straight into Tills performance.

I feel that this fight is really not to be missed. One thing is for sure, both men will be coming for war and for the fight fans tuning in, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Two absolute warriors that are willing to leave everything in the octagon. I for one, cannot wait.

Sandi Martin: Jorge Masvidal 

On the surface it appears that Jorge Masvidal is entering this much anticipated battle with Darren Till at a disadvantage after losing back to back fights with Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and Demian Maia, but upon closer examination there are a couple of things to consider beyond the official record.

The fight with Thompson was a loss but also a showcase of Masvidal’s chin, toughness and all-around savagery. Stylistically it wasn’t the best matchup for Masvidal with Thompson’s skilled stick and move, hardly allowing for him to accomplish what he wanted to offensively with his cool and calm counter striking.

The fight with Maia was a frustrating split decision that caused controversy and much debate on how such bouts are judged. Masvidal was forced into survival mode for most of the fight, fighting off the Brazilian’s submission attempts but landed hard shots and ultimately couldn’t be submitted.

With his impressive wins over Cerrone and Ellenberger prior, it’s hard to argue that those two most recent losses should or do define him.

Masvidal has a hugely underrated ground game, honed at American Top Team. The former street fighter prefers to bang and doesn’t often need to put those skills on display, but make no mistake, he is highly skilled and a hard left hand from Till could see Masvidal take this fight to the ground where he has a clear advantage.

Both fighters are experienced, but with a record of 32-13 Masvidal has the edge here. He’s fearless. He seeks out the most dangerous fights he can get. He doesn’t care one bit that this fight is happening in Darren Till’s backyard. He’s all business, always confident and looking like he’s seen and done it all. He would likely have agreed to fight Till in a parking lot, he’s that confident in himself.

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