Eddie Hearn Hails MTK Global Deal as ‘Great for Boxing’

Eddie Hearn Hails MTK Global Deal as ‘Great for Boxing’

Promoter Eddie Hearn has championed the deal between MTK Global, Top Rank and ESPN.

The Matchroom supremo welcomed the news the #MTKFightNight series is heading for a global audience after a multi-year agreement was struck between the three boxing powerhouses for approximately 30 shows a year to be brought to fans on ESPN platforms.

Hearn told ifL TV: “It’s great. I don’t know the dynamics of the deal but ESPN+ like DAZN is an OTT service and great for the sport of boxing. We need as much content as possible.

“MTK Global shows are good and competitive. I think it’s a great opportunity for them. I just think it’s great.

“The more shows the better. Boxing’s in a great place and fighters are being kept active in the UK when you compare it to the US.

“It’s fantastic. It’s really good. ESPN+ alone has 2m subscribers. I like everybody to be successful and at the moment, it’s a fantastic time for boxing. I’m pleased for everybody.”

Source: MTK Global


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