Jono “King Kong” Carroll: World Title Bid Nears

Jono “King Kong” Carroll: World Title Bid Nears

By Jonathan Oxley

Jono Carroll is now days away from attempting to accomplish his dream of becoming IBF World super featherweight champion.

The affable Irishman hopes to win the title against Philadelphia fighter, Tevin Farmer, in a contest that has quickly become a war of words between the pair.

Carroll, a slick, hard-hitting southpaw and former Prizefighter winner, is hoping to put heat on Farmer from the opening bell, the Dubliner declaring that he is an “old school fighter” that likes a tear up, going on to say “I like to have a fight, I don’t want to tap and run away.”

Having followed Jono Carroll’s career from the early stages, I absolutely believe this will be how he approaches his fight with Farmer, the American seemingly trying to get under Carroll’s skin in recent months once he moved into the mandatory challenger’s spot.

Carroll has an all action, in your face style, that has drawn many fans towards him in recent years following his Prizefighter win, he subsequently signed with MTK Global and has received excellent exposure since also signing with Matchroom Boxing and Eddie Hearn, working his way into contention for a world title shot.

The pair recently had to be separated twice during their press conference as the intense rivalry almost spilled over. Carroll went on to say “I keep getting these fights and I keep winning these fights. Most of my fights, I’ve been an underdog. And I just keep winning and winning and winning. Even though Eddie has been poking that little doll, I’ve still been doing it! I’m going to take Tevin Farmer’s belt — mark my words. Mark my words that on March 15th, Tevin Farmer’s not going to know what hit him.”

“He (Farmer) hasn’t been tested before and listen, if he can beat me, I’ll take my hat off and say, ‘He’s a great man.’ Because it’s going to take a great man to beat me for a world title.”

It is sure to be an enthralling fight between the two as the Irish following will take over Philadelphia for the night. Carroll added “Listen, this is where I’m going to win my world title. So, for me, this place is going to be historic for my family, you know? My grandkids are going to hear stories about Philly, so I’m proud to be here today.”

Carroll will be making his U.S. debut in the Champion’s hometown but remains supremely confident that he will prove himself at the highest level, the Dubliner feeling that all of the pressure will be on Tevin Farmer to produce a good performance on his own stomping ground, he added “All the location does is put even more pressure on him.”

“A man who has a lot, has a lot to lose. I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain so mentally, this is an easy night for me. This is just another day in the office for me. This is what I always said I was going to do, so I’m not surprised to be here now. I believe this is my destiny.”



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