An Interview With Cage Warriors Perry Goodwin

An Interview With Cage Warriors Perry Goodwin

By Sam Beresford

Perry Goodwin is coming off the back of one of his biggest wins at Cage Warriors 98 over Andrew Jacobsen. This has helped him to climb the rankings and he states that this was mainly due to his mental preparation for the fight and taught him some lessons that he can take forward.

“I think it was all to do with being in the right head space mentally I was ready for anything and I spent the full fight camp that way very similar to this camp. It was 100% bigger than any win I’ve had. I’ve learnt not to get over excited in there and that each fight is an MMA fight and the I can mix it up in there.”

He talks about his complete game that can really set himself apart from other fighters in Cage Warriors, even though he has tremendous grappling skills in his arsenal too.

“I think I’ve always been well-rounded but after I lost in Sweden I now know I have to use my wrestling and grappling it’s not just about knocking people’s heads off, if it (highlight reel finish) comes that’s sweet but there’s no pressure to get that”.

He now turns his sights towards Cage Warriors 102 and a packed out stadium in London against Rhys McKee who will undoubtedly provide a threat.

“I definitely can’t wait for it. I see him trying to pressure me and me overcoming the pressure and getting the win.”

Goodwin has seen his performances, and been impressed. But this win could really help him progress in Cage Warriors and potentially earn a title shot in the near future.

He is long, good at BJJ, has good boxing and he’s a fighter. He always comes for the finish just like me and I respect that his past performances a good this is a good fight for me. He’s a big name and I look forward to see what’s next after this.”

What came across was Goodwin’s clear love for mixed martial arts and this is something that has helped him as a person in every walk of life.

“If I didn’t enjoy what I was doing I just wouldn’t do it. I love fighting, I love my team the training doing this brings out the best version of me. It’s hard it’s a crazy life but I was taught that if you want nice things you have to work for them and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of something that I enjoy so much something that makes me a better person.”

As with many fighters in Cage Warriors, Goodwin has the tough task of not only competing at a top-level but also having to hold down a day job that must work around his fighting.

“I’m a scaffolder and where I work at the moment I’m contracted to 10 hour days and I’m expected to work ether a Saturday or a Sunday but they let me get away with missing that bit off for a fight camp 6 to 8 weeks. I get loads of support from parents, friends and lads at work plus my girlfriend.”

This support has also come in the form of sponsors, who are vital in helping finance training and supporting Perry on his road through the division.

“I would love to thank Team Fish Tank, Iron Asylum gym, Quality retail services ltd, Fighting fit physiotherapy, Tate interiors, Queen street tattoo parlour, The Style Council and One sign & digital for all their support”.

You can watch Perry Goodwin compete at Cage Warriors 102 (2/03/19) on UFC Fight Pass.


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