FightPost Boxer of the Week: Andrew Cancio

FightPost Boxer of the Week: Andrew Cancio

By Gary Kittilsen

Another absolutely loaded weekend of boxing produced a stunning upset. Andrew Cancio earns “Fighter Of The Week” by shocking the boxing world and capturing the WBA Super featherweight strap.

Alberto “El Explosivo” Machado was being primed to be the next Puerto Rican superstar. A fight with Andrew Cancio was supposed to be little more than a tune-up. Cancio who has been used mostly as a B-side on many Golden Boy cards was supposed to be tailor-made, a come forward fighter that would walk into the awesome power of Machado.

However, Cancio would not cooperate pulling himself off the canvas in the opening moments of the first round and surviving Machado’s onslaught making it through the first round.

The second round was a different story as the mostly unknown challenger got himself back into the fight, cutting off the ring and applying pressure, getting to the champ. The third round saw Machado hanging on for life and trying to run out the clock as the result of a massive left hand that rattled the champ badly. Machado was able to survive round three. However, he never got his legs back and was dropped early in the fourth with a punishing right to the body, that he never fully recovered from. Able to make it back to his feet Machado was abruptly put back down on the canvas twice more causing Raul Caiz to rush in and call a halt to the bout.

Prior to the fight, Cancio warned the then-champ that he had never faced an opponent like him. This is probably true. Cancio’s story reads like a Hollywood movie script. He still works a 9-5 job as a jackhammer operator.

A job he said that he was going to keep regardless of the outcome of Saturday nights fight, saying ” I have two kids, I need this job.”

Cancio who had previously retired after a one-sided loss to Joseph Diaz Jr back in 2016, implemented a very hectic schedule to try and give boxing “one last” chance. Up at 5am to run five miles before work, then heads to work for a full shift and then goes to the boxing gym after work. That incredibly hectic scheduled and hard work has paid off as the career B-side is now the WBA super featherweight champion.

Photo Credit: Tom Hogan-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions


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