An Introduction To Elliot Hebert

An Introduction To Elliot Hebert

By Sandi Martin 

Elliot “Be Good” Hebert is an amateur fighter out of Louisiana that has managed to impress in a very short amount of time. He and his friend Travis, who is now representing him, had some beers one night (ok he had 8 beers) and decided to start shadow boxing, prompting his friend to suggest he give fighting a try. We’ve all been there. We don’t all have Elliot’s athletic talent or explosiveness and that has proven to be the difference.

Fighting under head coach, Tim Credeur at Gladiators Academy, he admits to getting choked out in the gym a lot but it doesn’t seem to bother him much. His funny, easygoing nature was on full display during our 30 minute interview and it appears he doesn’t let much bother him these days. He practices meditation and is extremely disciplined about nutrition and everything that he puts in his body.

At WFC 97 on November 10th last year he was matched up against Christopher Jean Batiste, a bigger fighter that at 4-2-0 was favored to beat the newcomer. Elliot came with another expectation in mind. Apparently he had plans later that evening and in the interest of punctuality won via KO punch 1 minute and 11 seconds into the first round.

At Bayou FC 34 Hebert fought Blake Fugler. The violence commenced quickly and with the explosiveness you might expect from a former collegiate wrestler. Hebert made quick work of this job as well, winning via KO punch again 48 seconds in to the first and only round of the fight.

What is Elliot Hebert capable of in later rounds? According to 29 year-old Hebert, plenty.

He’s very confident in his ability to rise up in the amateur ranks at 155 pretty quickly and has aspirations of going pro and fighting the best. At one point during the interview he admits to being slightly “delusional” about his chances in every fight, but a better word to describe it might be confident and prepared.


A childhood friend of Dustin Poirier, he’s taking his cues from the UFC lightweight on all things fighting, but admires his transformation from Lafayette wild child to a grown man who is accomplished, disciplined and humble.

On February 23rd in Baton Rouge at the Capital City Fight Night by Credeur’s Bayou FC, Elliot “Be Good” Hebert is fighting another 155 amateur, Yadier De Valle who is 3-0. I’ll be there. I’ll be sure not to blink with this kid in the cage, that is certain.

While the entire card has not yet been confirmed, my sources in the organization are confident they’ve got a card packed with exciting fights that are not to be missed.

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