Never Try and Rob a Professional Fighter

Never Try and Rob a Professional Fighter

By Henry Walter 

It is never wise to start a conflict unnecessarily with someone you don’t know. It is impossible to tell just from appearance what someone’s life experiences have been and it certainly isn’t possible to tell how well they can fight.

Here are three examples of people who made the mistake of picking on some very dangerous people.

1. Mugger vs Polyana Viana

In January of this year a would-be robber decided to arm himself with a fake pistol and attempt to part a young woman, alone whilst she awaited a Uber, with her mobile phone. Unfortunately for the unlucky criminal, the young woman he’d picked to rob was a mixed martial arts fighter, signed to the UFC.

UFC Star Polyana Viana did not take very kindly to the man’s attempt to rob her and handed out a prolific beating. After sustaining brutal punishment that left him bleeding and with huge facial swellings, the robber began begging Viana to stop and call the police. She eventually did and he was promptly arrested before being taken to the emergency room.

2. Robber vs Billy Conn

When hapless robber, 27 year-old Nick Conyer, burst into an US convenience store before punching the store manager and stealing $80.00, he probably paid little attention to the elderly gentleman standing by a newspaper stand selecting a paper.

He had no way of knowing that the 72 year-old he had just passed was the former light-heavyweight champion of the World Billy Conn.

Conn, who had knocked out 15 men on route to 64 wins as a professional boxer, blocked Conyer’s path as he attempted to leave the store before throwing a left hook that floored him heavily. When Conyer got up attempted to flee Conn managed to pull off his jacket which contained his wallet, making the police’s job very easy. Conyer wasn’t about to try to get the jacket back and was easily traced by police and arrested soon after.

When interviewed by local news after the 1990 incident, the light-heavyweight world champion of 1939-41, laughed and remarked

“I fixed him… he won’t be robbing a store for a few days I think.”

When asked about the punch that floored Conyer he replied

“It was a left hook, you have to hit them with your favourite punch.”

3. 2 Muggers vs Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey reigned as heavyweight champion of the world from 1919 to 1926.

By 1969 he was a well-off 74-year-old, enjoying a well-earned retirement. As he walked down East 53rd Street in New York, Dempsey was attacked from behind as he went to enter a cab. Sadly for his potential muggers Dempsey’s legendary power still lingered and he span round before flattening both men with hard hooks to the body that left them laid out flat on the sidewalk.

The four perpetrators in this article were all taught a very painful life lesson.


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