FightPost Prediction League: Alvarez vs Kovalev

FightPost Prediction League: Alvarez vs Kovalev

By Josh Wooler 

This weekend marks the second instalment of the FightPost prediction league and the featured bout this week sees Eleider Alvarez take on Sergey Kovalev in a rematch for the Colombian’s WBO light heavyweight title which he captured with a knockout victory over Kovalev back in August.

Last time Alvarez emphatically stopped his Russian counterpart in the seventh last time out in what was considered a major upset. Now the bookmakers make Alvarez the slight favourite but the FightPost team have almost unanimously predicted a repeat.

Aidan O’Connor: Alvarez KO 9
Ben Gibson: Alvarez KO
Dan McConnell: Alvarez Decision
Ell: Alvarez KO 6
FightPost: Alvarez KO 10
Global Boxing: Kovalev Decision
Henry Walter: Alvarez Decision
Josh Wooler: Alvarez KO 6
Liam Lawler: Alvarez KO 10
Matthew Dean: Alvarez KO 10
Sina: Alvarez KO 9

The last round saw almost everybody correctly predict that Manny Pacquiao would outpoint Adrien Broner meaning 2 points for picked the Filipino to win by decision.

Last Prediction Total Points
Aidan O’Connor Pacquiao KO 7: 1
Ben Gibson Pacquiao Decision: 2
Dan McConnell Broner Decision: 0
Ell Pacquiao Decision: 2
FightPost Pacquiao KO 10: 1
Gary Kitilsen Pacquiao Decision: 2
Global Boxing Pacquiao Decision: 2
Henry Walter Pacquiao Decision: 2
Josh Wooler Pacquiao Decision: 2
Laim Lawler Pacquiao Decision: 2
Matthew Dean Pacquiao Decision: 2
Sina Pacquiao Decision: 2


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