An Interview With Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion Dean Trueman

An Interview With Cage Warriors Featherweight Champion Dean Trueman

By Sam Beresford 

The Cage Warriors featherweight championship has been held by many great European fighters such as Paddy Pimblett and of course Conor McGregor. However, Dean Trueman currently holds the belt after defeating Aiden Lee at Cage Warriors 100. It was an unforgettable night for the Derbyshire-born fighter, who went against the odds to gain the title.

“It was an amazing night, winning is an amazing feeling hard to describe so not only winning but winning the featherweight world title I was on top of the world.”

The build up to the fight was a fiery one, with both competitors trying to gain a psychological advantage going into the bout. Trueman definitely thought he got the better of the exchanges.

“People can’t get under my skin. It would take a lot for someone to mentally break me. I spoke a bit of sh.t about him on the old Twitter and interviews which I think mentally beat him a little.”

He is now in camp to defend his title for the first time however, Trueman will have to travel to Copenhagen to fight Soren Bak in his hometown. This is something that has not fazed Trueman, who is clearly willing to fight anyone anywhere in order to prove he is the rightful champion and will be supported by over 50 of his fans from Ilkeston.

“For me it doesn’t make the fight any difference, all my career I’ve travelled to people’s towns and beat them up so for me it’s just another fight. I personally don’t think I should be defending my belt in the challengers back yard but it’s my belt, so I’ll defend it wherever I need to. The support I get is amazing so it will be nice to hear everyone when I’m walking to the cage. My fans out singing the boo’s”

Bak was the former Cage Warriors lightweight champion and has vacated his title to drop down a weight class which means he will provide a threat with his size. This decision to vacate has puzzled a lot of people though with Trueman especially questioning it.

“He looks a big strong boy who can wrestle with no striking, so I know what to expect from him. My movement will be too much for him and we will see him shooting from the opposite side of the cage. Cage Warriors seem to be pushing him, but I don’t understand why they didn’t let him keep the lightweight belt? Maybe he’s dodging someone up there.”

He has a clear fighting style and it will undoubtedly be seen in Copenhagen.

“I’d like to be remembered as an exciting fighter who wasn’t in boring fights. I’m an exciting bully”.

Trueman doesn’t want to stop at the Cage Warriors title, now on a three fight unbeaten streak he believes he can go to the top. The UFC Featherweight division is one of the most competitive in the organisation so he thinks he would feel right at home.

“I can go all the way! I don’t want to be a flash in the pan, make it to the UFC and think I’ve made it. I want to get to the UFC get to the top. The featherweight division is stacked right now but I think I would fit in well. Ideally the UFC will come but failing that I will defend my title and honour my Cage Warriors contract.”

It has been a long road to become the champion, losing two out of his first four fights. But now with a 10-4 record he still remembers when it all began.

“A friend of mine Marcus used to do a bit of training and I was bored after work in the week so thought i’d go along and give it a try with him, and as they say the rest is history. But yeah I got hooked on it and got quite good so fancied competing and here I am.”

One thing many people do not see is the other side of a fighters life and their working day. Fighting is a huge commitment when trying to hold down a full-time job.

“The main thing I’ve had to overcome is working full time and trying to train full time. It’s hard to train like a professional whilst working. I’m at a point now in my career where a lot of my opponents will only train and not work so I have took a step back from work to concentrate on training.”

As with any athlete there are always a group of people around them to support and help them on their journey.

“I’d just like to give a massive thanks to all my coach’s Paul, jimmy, Alan, Londonshoot, all my training partners. All my sponsors Capital Civils, Precision Flow Screed, Advanced Roofing, Advanced Health and Safety Training, Cash Monkey, Primal Core Nutrition, Opro mouth guards, booster fight gear and sub guards”

Dean Trueman defends his featherweight title on March 9th at Cage Warriors 103.



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