Kownacki vs Washington: Kownacki Moves Up

Kownacki vs Washington: Kownacki Moves Up

By Matthew Dean 

Adam Kownacki moved one step further up the ladder this past weekend when he destroyed Gerald Washington. In just under 5 minutes of action he showed that he will still have his way even though it wasn’t the most technical of fights and suffering a cut eyelid it was nonetheless pretty effective.

From the moment the 1st bell rang it was clear that Kownacki was coming to fight. Washington rested the ice briefly throwing the 1st blows, a few jabs which did not connect and was swiftly met with the response he was going to get for the duration of the fight. A jab to the body followed by two jabs and a right hand which clearly shocked Washington. The right hand being the weapon which would ultimately bring about the downfall.

Washington had to grit his teeth several times through the first round as Kownacki came forward punches raining in from all angles. The American fought back bravely but the scoring punches were clearly coming from the Pole and some of these were hurtful shots. He weathered the storm, although that were doubts during the last 20 secs of the round as he staggered backward after Kownacki connected lefts and rights. He had clearly had some success though as a cut was opened on the left eyelid of Kownacki which the corner quickly worked on.


Round two started and Washington came forward aggressively throwing a barrage of blows but to minimal effect. His opponent pushed forward and fired straight back.

With just 30 seconds gone of round 2, Kownacki threw a left hand body shot followed by a left-right to the head which connected and rocked Washington. Then another left jab & right hand and Washington reeled backwards. Kownacki chased and another big right to the chin hit home. Washington went down in that scary manner which make you wonder why anyone would want to be a fighter, his head bouncing off the lowest rope. He rose slowly and was clearly stunned & the ref checked him over, twice asking him to walk toward. The ref then spoke to him then allowed the action to continue.

Kownacki pounced forward missed with a left jab then launched another combo of lefts and rights, all of which found their mark and the ref stepped in to call it a night. The stoppage with 1:52 remaining on the clock.

Adam Kownacki clearly has his flaws. He isn’t the best boxer technically, but he utilises his strengths well and is very effective, he finds the gaps in the opponents’ defences and exploits these by hitting them hard. His come forward constantly punching approach means that whenever we watch him fight, we are going to witness an exciting battle but you have to wonder if he might blow himself out over 12 rounds? He can be hit but if he is prepared to take a few punches to land his own knockout blows, well that’s just the nature of the game. His body conditioning is also something he has acknowledged and is working on improving but how well he can take a shot remains to be seen.

The final question being how will he cope with the top boys in the division ? That is a question which will only be answered when he is sharing a ring with them. For me personally I think he could share a ring with some of the top ranked heavyweights. Some of them would pose difficulties for him and how he deals with those problematic opponents is part of his own personal journey and evolution as a fighter. The complete boxer wasn’t constructed overnight, it is always s gradual process of skill acquisition and refining.

Adam Kownacki is going in the right direction but I would like to see a 12 rounder against higher level opposition next perhaps…


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