Molly McCann: Driven To Succeed

Molly McCann: Driven To Succeed

Success in any sport is often down to timing, opportunities can come at the wrong time, more often than not the difference between winning and losing.

Molly McCann (7-2) received her UFC call up for the card in her beloved Liverpool back in May, a call she was desperate for. I still recall nearly a year on, her passionate speech backstage at Cage Warriors 92 in London, pleading, almost begging for a seat at the table as she described her wish to be in the UFC.

The call came a few weeks later, but in reality, it came at the wrong time. An admittance that she had lived life since winning the Cage Warriors flyweight title in February of last year, almost certainly led to her being less than 100% prepared when she entered the cage to face Gillian Robertson in her UFC debut.

McCann only made her professional debut in 2015, a rapid rise to the top in Cage Warriors was probably too quick in hindsight, in terms of preparing herself for the UFC.

The 2nd round submission loss to Robertson hit McCann hard, but she made no excuses or blamed anyone for her defeat, she accepted full responsibility. Often when a fighter loses, excuses come thick and fast, bad weight-cut, injuries, a fighter looks everywhere but at themselves. McCann accepted what we all saw, a need to change and evolve her all-round game.

Much of her time since that heart-breaking loss has been spent on grappling, a lack of priority before, very much the priority now. McCann knows another loss could spell the end of her UFC tenure, but you sense that she doesn’t want to just stay around to make up the numbers, McCann wants to compete for titles.

McCann has survived dark times in her life before and avoided the addictions those close to her had when she was growing up. The loss back in March will make her a better fighter, growth as a fighter and you feel as a person also.

McCann faces the Brazilian Priscila Cachoeira (8-1) when the UFC comes back to the UK in March at the O2 Arena in London.     



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