Interview With Flyweight Prospect Desmond Torres

Interview With Flyweight Prospect Desmond Torres

By Dylan Jones 

Desmond Torres is one of MMA’s hottest young flyweight prospects, he fights Steve Ramirez in the featured prelim bout at Bellator 214. Torres finds himself currently riding a 3 fight winning streak, I asked him what he thinks comes next if he increases this streak to 4.

He replied with

“To be honest not sure I have a lot more breathing room if I get to 6-1. Maybe something big with Bellator or another big name promotion”

This brought me onto my next question as previously said, Desmond is headlining the prelims on Bellator 214 at only 22 years old, I asked ‘The Tyrant’ how big an opportunity this was for him.

“It’s a huge opportunity. Never thought I’d be here this early in my life but I’ve been training for a long time and I put all my eggs into the MMA basket. This is all that I do, so I’m not to surprised”

With the biggest opportunity of his career so far rapidly approaching, Ramirez is a tough obstacle to pass, finishing all 6 of his wins be it by KO/TKO or submission, I asked Torres how he was preparing for such a dangerous opponent.

“I’m confident in my own abilities and my training. I train with top ranked UFC fighters in the flyweight and bantamweight devisions. Just about me staying cool and calm and I’ll get my way through him.”

Ramirez comes into this fight 10 years older than Desmond, I asked him if he saw this as an advantage in the fight.

“Maybe he’s a little more stronger being a grown man and I’m still developing. Besides that not really. I look at this as an upscale for me. I’m still young and developing while he’s probably sticking to whatever works for him”

Finally, with Desmond being one of the top flyweight prospects in MMA, I asked for his opinion on the entire flyweight debacle going on in the UFC.

“A lot of guys that make that division popular are fun to watch. Come in next day weighing 145+ that’s not true flyweight’s. Someone either gone get hurt or die just to have a size advantage. It’s a fighting sport not a size sport”

Note: This interview was condcuted prior to Bellator 214, Torres extended his win streak by submitting Ramirez at the 4:21 point of the opening round. 

Photo Credit: Desmond Torres


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