MTK Global Captures Signing of Classy Kanters

MTK Global Captures Signing of Classy Kanters 

The leading light of Dutch boxing Serginio Kanters is ready to become a middleweight king after signing with MTK Global.

‘Gino’ has already impressed on British TV in recent bouts with the highly-rated Kieron Conway and Dmytro Mytrofanov and will now look to blaze a trail in professional boxing having already been a world champion kickboxer.

Kanters said: “It’s a pleasure to be part of a team that’s already so big. I’m sure they can put me on big stages.

“I hope to fight on MTK Global shows. I want to build up my record and then take on the big names as soon as possible because I’ve fought some before as the away fighter and more than held my own.

“I did kickboxing all my early life and loved it. I was more of a power-puncher though – I always used my hands and someone told me to try boxing. It worked for me and it’s going well so far.

“I aim to be the best. I’m focusing on the middleweight class and I hope to dominate there. Then I want to elevate to super-middleweight and maybe light-heavyweight. They are big dreams but I believe I can get there with hard work.”

New trainer Adam Hart added: “His record of 5-2-1 is misleading. He’s a former world kickboxing champion and he’s like a mini-Mike Tyson who’ll bring excitement and something new to the game.

“He’ll be a middleweight and there are loads of fights out there for him. If we can get him to 10-2 by the end of the year then we’ve got something. I don’t know what it is, but we’ve got something.

“I believe I can make him a more rounded fighter and help his progress so time will tell. I’m excited to be coaching him.”

News of Kanters’ first fight under the MTK Global umbrella will be announced shortly.

Source: MTK Global


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