Keith Thurman: The Return of the 3rd Man

Keith Thurman: The Return of the 3rd Man

The welterweight division has long been a glamour division of the sport. The likes of Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather are some of the incredible talent that have showcased their considerable skills as a 147 pounder.

The modern era has continued that trend, Terrence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr are the widely accepted top two in the division, in what order the debate begins.

Crawford faces Amir Khan in April, while Spence Jr returns from his hiatus to face Mikey Garcia in March. Hopefully then if they both emerge victorious, Crawford and Spence Jr will meet to settle all the arguments, we live in hope. The sport can excite, disappoint and frustrate in equal measure, fights we crave we rarely get.

This weekend Keith Thurman makes his return from injury when he takes on Josesito Lopez in Brooklyn. The odds of around 1/50 on a Thurman win are a good indication of Lopez’s chances. But after 22 months out, any lingering physical or mental frailties could make the odds a little more attractive, if you fancy the upset.

Thurman hasn’t been seen in a boxing ring since March 2017, a series of injuries have prevented him from building on his win over Danny Garcia. The ring rust will need shedding, but a peak Thurman will pose a serious threat, even for the formidable duo of Crawford and Spence Jr.

The current crop of welterweights doesn’t end there, the likes of Garcia, Shaun Porter, and Manny Pacquiao are all still on the scene. 2019 should see a series of matches that should surpass any other division, there is too much talent even for boxing politics to deny us some great fights.

Crawford and Spence Jr squaring off would be the fight of choice for the majority, but in Thurman, we have a more than satisfactory alternative if as seems likely that fight fails to materialise.


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