Crawford vs Khan: Thoughts

Crawford vs Khan: Thoughts

When you formulate an article can often dictate what your thoughts are on the particular subject you are writing about. A view of a fight can vary if you write say about a scoring of a fight immediately after a fight or if you watch the fight again and then sit down and offer your opinion. I prefer the immediate response sometimes, a judge only gets one chance to score a fight and a writer should offer their opinion under the same premise.

But there are times when you are better just waiting, consider all the pros and cons and that way you can give a more balanced opinion on something. Terrence Crawford defending his WBO welterweight title against Amir Khan is one such occasion.

Crawford the unbeaten 3-weight world champion has probably chosen Khan for a number of reasons. Khan has the name, he will bring many to the party, but crucially he is perceived as on the slide and even more fragile around the chin than ever before. But Crawford hasn’t from what I have seen received much if any criticism for choosing Khan as his next opponent.

For Khan thought it’s completely different. Khan has received much criticism for having the audacity to choose to challenge Crawford with a world title at stake, rather than take more money for a non-title fight with his domestic rival Kell Brook. On the face of it yes, it might seem a stupid decision from a financial sense, but in boxing terms, he should be applauded not maligned for taking the greater challenge.

While I have never held the belief Khan has ever truly fancied the Brook fight, it always seems as though he would only take it if nothing else was on the table, but there are two sides to every story. The issue about the weight side of the tale I actually side with Khan to a certain extent. If Khan believes he is better at 147, and Brook can’t make the weight or would prefer it at 154 or somewhere in between, then that is Brook’s problem and not Khan’s. Why should Khan disadvantage himself for the benefit of Brook, I totally get that.

But whatever we think of the on-off Khan Brook debate, we all need to accept it almost certainly won’t happen now. Brook needs to move on and focus his attentions elsewhere, what’s left of his career shouldn’t be all about Khan, and the same applies to Khan.

We can all be cynical about Khan’s motives for taking the Crawford fight, it’s easy to make an excuse losing to the American rather than the Sheffield fighter, his career might survive that loss.

But Khan deserves the plaudits also, his resume and legacy should not be all about Kell Brook. Khan has achieved plenty in his career and his many critics forget that and should he pull off the miracle in April, then nobody can surely deny him his due.


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