Lewis Smith Returns in 2019

Lewis Smith Returns in 2019

By Boxing Kid 

Undefeated prospect Lewis Smith has stated he will return to the ring later this year after initially claiming he had retired soon after his second fight in March 2018.

Despite leaving the sport, the 24-year-old has been keeping himself busy with his trainer Alec Wilkey, even lending a helping hand to stable mates with sparring as he found it difficult to fully leave behind the sweet science.

As an amateur the Basildon-born hitter in his own words had a “limited” career but started off the paid ranks successfully beating Dylan Draper and Josh Thorne convincingly as he looked to tailor his style more.

After the loss of his Grandad soon before he faced Thorne, an emotional Smith decided to leave the sport behind. However after 10 months out of the ring he will be making a return with MTK later this year.

And the youngster is using the memory of his late grandad as he begins to start his assault towards titles.

“Everyone who knows me knows the role my Grandad had in my life and especially my boxing,” he said.

“People must think boxers are mad when they say this, but I need boxing in my life. It’s hard to explain but I need the gym and the lads, the discpline.

“I am not one of these people who are going to sit here and start shouting about what they are going to do, I just don’t want to be old with children and have any regrets of what could have been.

“One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was from my grandad was too not concentrate just on the money of things but to do what makes you happy.

“I have been working in my time out but I have stayed in shape. I have even done some rounds for the boys that have fights coming up.

“I spoke to Alec to let him know I was considering it and anyone that knows Al knows the type of man he is. He told me to really think about it but I knew what I wanted.

“This year will just be getting into the groove again and routine and then next year starting stepping it up.

“I have some great sponsors backing me like DNEL Ltd and Think Specialist Recruitment. Every boxer need good sponsors and even when I took time out these guys stayed loyal.

“I have that buzz back now, I’m really excited about the year and what lies ahead and will be announcing a new fight date very soon!”


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