Conor McGregor: One Last Run?

Conor McGregor: One Last Run?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so keen to get on a bus than Conor McGregor on that infamous night in April. 2018 saw McGregor throwing a dolly at a bus full of his fellow UFC fighters with scant regard for their careers or more importantly their safety. The most disgusting thing Dana White had ever seen, later to become just part of the story.

The fact that the UFC didn’t punish McGregor is still just as shocking now as it was then, feed the ego just a little bit more.

As a result of actions his night ended in handcuffs, and a night in the cells but the seed was planted for the biggest fight in UFC history.

McGregor returned to his natural home, where he once ruled, but now a new King was on the throne. Khabib Nurmagomedov dominated and mauled McGregor, and more disgusting scenes concluded the story, at least for now.

Now more in the whiskey business than the hurt business, McGregor faces an uncertain future in the Octagon. Is the McGregor era just one more defeat from being over.

Has the act just got a bit tiresome and predictable. The mind games don’t seem to work anymore, the left-hand doesn’t carry the same authority at lightweight and the whole roster knows the gas tank empties pretty quickly.

The sport is fast evolving and the fighters have to evolve with it. McGregor’s evolution as a fighter suffers because of what he does elsewhere, everything comes at a price.

A fighter has such a small window of opportunity, the peak goes as quickly as it comes, lost years remain exactly that.

Despite achieving so much, McGregor could have done so much more. You can’t blame McGregor for expanding his brand but sadly his MMA career has stunted as a result.

I doubt McGregor regrets many things but I wonder if in the years to come he will regret the last few years. McGregor is still the golden ticket for the UFC and if he fully commits again to the sport then he might just have one last glorious run left in him.

Since McGregor beat Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 the MMA world has now changed. To regain his crown McGregor must now change with it.



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