Warrington Beats Frampton on Points

Warrington Beats Frampton on Points

Whatever your resume, whatever you’ve done before is irrelevant in boxing, the past is the past and in Manchester Josh Warrington proved he is very much the man of the moment.

Carl Frampton needed a good start but he got anything but. He was hurt in both the opening two rounds and looked like he was on the verge of being overwhelmed, Frampton had the nightmare start that he never really recovered from.

Frampton fought with reckless abandon in those first two rounds, and whatever tactics were planned went right out of the window.

To beat Warrington you have to hurt him, to stop that forward march. Frampton couldn’t and he just didn’t have the engine to match his opponent.

Frampton did well to recover from his disastrous start and I thought he levelled the fight after 8 rounds. But as I said pre-fight if Frampton faded he would lose and so it proved.

Warrington finished the stronger and sealed the decision and retained his IBF featherweight title in those last 4 rounds. The judges had it by scores of 116-112 x2 and one of 116-113.

The fight was a mini classic and didn’t need any phony hype or bad blood. Both fighters played their part in an absorbing gripping contest.

Frampton was classy in defeat and admitted he lost to the better man, no excuses offered, a refreshing change. After a fabulous career retirement now looks a viable and sensible option.

Warrington yet again defied the odds, and in beating Lee Selby and now Frampton has undoubtedly proved his worth.

The fight always had the air of the torch being passed, and that’s what we saw. Frampton in perhaps his last fight gave everything he had left, but his time has gone.

Hopefully, Warrington now gets the credit he deserves. Scott Quigg or Kid Galahad might be next. But whoever the next opponent is, I doubt Warrington will start that fight as the betting underdog, full respect is now surely his.


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