One Night, Two PPV’s: A Case of Too Much

One Night, Two PPV’s: A Case of Too Much

One night and two massive boxing shows, both on PPV was a simple case of too much. Expecting the fans to spend £40 in one night at this time of the year or far more likely choose which one to watch was unnecessary. Eddie Hearn decided to schedule the Whyte Chisora rematch on the same night as the already announced Warrington Frampton, a decision to try to hurt the competition, which sadly will almost certainly have worked.

In another era both shows would not have been anywhere near a PPV, neither card was worthy of fans being charged extra on top of their monthly subscription. I get why so many fights are now on PPV, and nobody is forced to pay to watch, but going forward if every decent fight ends up on PPV it will harm the sport and fans will eventually tire and rebel against it.

Both headline fights deserved to be seen by the widest possible audience. The Warrington Frampton fight especially would have had a restricted audience and if the powers that be, put the sport first they will accept this and hopefully last night will be a one-off, the sport should always be the priority.

Photo Credit: Frank Warren



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