FightPost Team Predictions: Whyte vs Chisora & Warrington vs Frampton

FightPost Team Predictions: Whyte vs Chisora & Warrington vs Frampton

We have two big PPV cards, in London Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora rematch with a possible shot at Anthony Joshua for the winner and in Manchester the IBF featherweight title is on the line when Josh Warrington defends against Carl Frampton.

The FightPost have made their predictions for the two big fights:

The team heavily favour Whyte (15-2) to repeat his win over Chisora, while Frampton also is strongly favoured (14-3) to once again become a world champion.


Whyte vs Chisora

Josh Wooler: Whyte on points

Michael Richards: Whyte in 9

FightPost: Whyte on points

Matthew Dean: Chisora in 7

Myles Hutton: Whyte on points

Liam Lawer: Whyte on points

Dan McConnell: Whyte in 10

Jake Adkins: Whyte on points

Aidan O’Connor: Whyte in 6

Henry Walter: Whyte on points

Ell McCullagh: Whyte in 7

Emma J Bramford: Chisora in 8

Joe Jessup: Whyte on points

Gary Kittilsen: Whyte by TKO

Chris Glover: Whyte on points

Paul Oltai: Whyte on points

Jamie Roberts: Whyte in 8


Warrington vs Frampton

Josh Wooler: Frampton on points

Michael Richards: Frampton on points

FightPost: Frampton on points

Matthew Dean: Frampton on points

Myles Hutton: Frampton on points

Liam Lawer: Warrington on points

Dan McConnell: Frampton on points

Jake Adkins: Warrington on points

Aidan O’Connor: Frampton on points

Henry Walter: Warrington on points

Ell McCullagh: Frampton in 4

Emma J Bramford: Frampton on points

Joe Jessup: Frampton late stoppage

Gary Kittilsen: Frampton on points

Chris Glover: Frampton on points

Paul Oltai: Frampton by stoppage

Jamie Roberts: Frampton on points


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