Whyte vs Chisora 2 Preview

Whyte vs Chisora 2 Preview

By Matthew Dean 

On Saturday 22nd December at the O2 we are going to witness an eagerly anticipated rematch between two world ranked British heavyweights. A fight which two years on from the original, could go either way. These two warriors truly share an active dislike for the other, Derek Chisora and Dillian Whyte go to war one more time.

Their first fight in 2016 ended in a split decision win for Whyte (24-1). After a lot of bad blood in the build-up, lead to harsh exchanges of words and tables being thrown at press conferences, the British title was removed from the fight.

What makes this rematch truly worth watching is that both men have in the last two years since facing one another, recorded career best performances.

Whyte, has racked up 4 straight wins since his first fight with Chisora. Ignoring the Helenius fight in which the Finnish heavyweight did little other than a 10k run over 12 rounds, in his last 2 fights Whyte has stopped Lucas Browne in the 6th round in devastating fashion and followed this up by outpointing Joshua opponent and former WBO champion Joseph Parker.

Chisora (29-8) has won 3 and lost 1. His 8th round demolition of another AJ victim Carlos Takam certainly caught the eyes of spectators. Especially as he executed this strategy 2 rounds quicker than Joshua could. Chisora has recently signed up with former foe David Haye and his promotional team and has conceded that this is the time in his career where he cannot afford mistakes. Add to this an element of Haye bluster and these two former opponents could make an even more devastating team.

Let’s face the facts that these men are both out to earn another win for their records. Chisora thinks that Whyte has avoided him for 2 years and commented:

“His last couple of opponents didn’t come for battle, they didn’t even put heat on Dillian, on December 22nd I’m coming to burn him up! I was cheated in our first fight by the judges, everyone knows that I was the true victor. This time I have a score to settle, Dillian won’t be hearing the final bell to be saved by the judges. I will be stepping in the ring a different fighter. I have everything to prove and it all to lose.”

Whyte also has made clear his beliefs:

“This will be Chisora’s last fight, the donkey’s last ride. I think that he needs to really have a good think about taking this fight because he’s going to be heading home after the fight looking like he’s been run over by a truck. I believe that I’ll knock him out in devastating fashion this time. Last time was my first 12 rounder and I was a little bit inexperienced but this time I’ll know exactly what to do. He’s at the end of the road”.

The outcome of this fight could change the heavyweight landscape in some aspects. After the show by Wilder and Fury at the start of the month all heavyweight eyes will be watching.

Whyte is no 1 contender for Wilder’s WBC and for Joshua’s WBO belt. He is also ranked at no. 4 in the WBA. He has made no secret of his desire to fight AJ once more in another all British matchup. He thought the 7th round stoppage in their first fight was premature and was injured in the fight and wants to prove his worth with another opportunity. Since then Joshua has collected the IBF, WBO, WBA super heavyweight and the IBO heavyweight titles. This time would be for international silverware and not just the British and Commonwealth belts.

In honesty AJ would be happy to be fighting Whyte again. After all this is another big fight for him and he still has an April slot at Wembley to fill, but complications may arise if Chisora has his arm held high at the end as this would realistically jeopardise a rematch between Joshua and Whyte.

Ranked currently at no. 5 by the WBA and IBF and no. 7 in the WBC, this win would move his position in the ranks.

However I do not envisage AJ wanting to step between the ropes with Chisora. Not because he fears him but in light of the scale of the media following Fury vs Wilder 1, its subsequent controversy and fight number two being hotly discussed, I think he would be derided by the boxing world for taking what many would see as such a low risk fight. There would be little appetite for this in the UK. Chisora is simply not a big enough name and certainly there would be no takers overseas.

These guys can both punch and it is certainly no manufactured rivalry between them, (Whyte has publicly declared that he wants blood). Expect for both men to showcase their boxing for a short spell having gained some mutual respect for the other in their first fight, but this will be short-lived and once the fuse is lit the fight will explode into life.

This is heavyweight boxing and as we all know, everything can change with just one well-timed punch. The question whether they can live up to the quality of the first fight remains to be seen. Only rarely do sequels match, let alone better the original, but with so much more at stake here, this could truly provide the fans with a grand finale to 2018.


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