FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week: “Ragin” Al Iaquinta

FightPost MMA Fighter of the Week: “Ragin” Al Iaquinta

By Kieran Cobley 

Al Iaquinta takes Fighter of the Week honours this week, following his unanimous decision victory over Kevin Lee at UFC Fight Night Milwaukee.

Iaqunita was the superior fighter throughout the fight, and landed shot after shot on the feet, mixing up his punches with hard leg kicks.

Lee really struggled to mount any significant counter attacks, and was clipped by a hard spinning back fist from the New York native at one point.

Lee tried to land some kicks of his own, but Iaquinta’s defense was on point and he continuously blocked Lee’s headkick attempts.

Lee also tried to mount some ground game offence, but struggled to do anything against Iaquinta, who is a student at Matt Serra’s BJJ gym.

At the end of the fight it was clear to see who the winner was, with Lee’s faced bruised and bloody, while Iaquinta looked relatively un-scarred.

This is the second time Iaquinta has beaten Lee, and he is now 14-4.

It looks likely that Iaquinta’s next opponent could be Justin Gaethje, who caalled out Iaquinta on Twitter, calling him a bitch.

Honourable mentions this week go to, Michael Chandler, Javy Ayala and Ilima-Lei Macfarlane, who all picked up finish victories at Bellator’s double header in Hawaii.


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