Bradley Skeete’s Night Ends in Defeat

Bradley Skeete’s Night Ends in Defeat

By Matthew Dean

Bradley Skeete (28-3-0. 13kos) and his plan to get back to winning ways came dramatically unstuck against the Argentinian Diego Ramirez (17-2-0. 5kos). Skeete was stopped in the second round after being knocked down by a devastating left hand from Ramirez.

Up to that point he had been in command of the fight and boxing well. The first round he had boxed behind his jab to get a feel of his opponent without having had to deal with much firepower in return.

Starting the second in similar fashion he stood centre ring and continued. At almost two minutes into the round the Argentinian had barely thrown a single connecting punch. Quite a few power shots which Skeete had nimbly avoided. And nobody could deny that Skeete was ahead on the judges cards, albeit at such an early stage in the contest.

Then with just over a minute left on the clock, Skeete jabbed and landed an uppercut, ducked under the lead right hook in reply from Ramirez, jabbed again, then came the overhand left hand.

It sailed high and looped back down in between Skeete’s guard and put him flat on his back like a felled oak tree.

Skeete bravely rose and the ref gave him a count. Ramirez pounced punishing him with shots not all of which connected but when they did the Brit looked momentarily out on his feet. He clung on bravely to try to make the rounds end but doubled over having not thrown a single blow in retaliation since getting up. With just under half a minute until the end of the round the ref called it a night.

Skeete drops to 28-3, Ramirez improves his record to 17-2.

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