Kell Brook Wins But Fails To Impress

Kell Brook Wins But Fails To Impress

Whatever excuses are made, the reality is there for all to see. Kell Brook looked like the old Kell Brook in appearance, but we saw an old Kell Brook.

Brook got the win but everything about it was underwhelming. Michael Zerafa lasted the distance and sadly for the Sheffield man he exposed that Brook isn’t what he once was.

Ring rust, an off night you can say, but we saw a Kell Brook a shadow of his former self, anyone saying anything else is frankly deluded or lying.

The timing is gone, caught far too often by a limited opponent, the performance was worrying. Decisions need to be made, but until someone knocks some common sense into the fray, the right decision will be delayed.

For the record, Brook got the win by scores of 118-110, 119-109 and 117-111 but those scores can’t hide what we saw.

Amir Khan, the way boxing works might now fancy the fight, but do we really still care. Both are equally as faded and both would be wise to take the fight, make and take the money. For both retirement is near and judged on their last fights have little or no chance of winning a world title again, for different reasons they need each other.


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