Goodwin Promotions: Ringside ‘Strike’ Recap

Goodwin Promotions: Ringside ‘Strike’ Recap

By Paul Oltai 

On Saturday 1st December I attended the Goodwin Promotions show billed ‘Strike’ at the iconic York Hall as a member of press for Goodwin’s last promotion of the year. This was only my second time attending an event as a member of press, and my first time sitting on the press table ringside. My advice to anyone if attending as press would be 100% try and experience it. If you don’t mind a bit of sweat and blood being flicked your way or flinching a little when the two fighters bounce against the ropes thinking they will fall out on you then this is definitely the view you want.

With 16 bouts including an English title fight and two Southern Area title fights on the card here is a brief overview of each fight and results.

Bout 1 Robbie Chapman vs Lewis van Poetsch 4 x 3mins middleweight

Chapman controlling the bout from the opening bell against the very experienced van Poetsch, landing some hurtful and very audible body work. Van Poetsch showing at times though when some heavy shots landed that he could fight fire with fire and reminding Chapman of his experience. Quite routine for Chapman though taking a points victory 40-36.

Bout 2 Ricky Heavens vs Victor Edagha 4 x 3mins super welterweight

Heavens for me getting drawn into more of a fight than he probably should have done with the level of opponent. Boxing well at times but also struggling to pin his opponent down and land consistently and missing heavily with the opponent choosing to showboat a little. Not surprising that Heavens found it hard because Edagha looked very unorthodox reminding me in his movements of Asinia Byfield. Heavens eventually taking the result on points 39-38

Bout 3 Ellis Zorro vs Krisztian Harangi 4 x 3mins cruiserweight

Even before the bout Harangi was standing out as he entered the ring in a pair of brown converse, something I don’t think anyone would have thought was ring attire for an opponent. As soon as the bell rang Harangi came out all guns blazing swinging from the ground up trying to take Zorro’s head off. Zorro though even with taking a couple of heavy shots but avoiding most looked calm and started to quickly pick off his opponent before putting him down mid point in the 1st round with Harangi unable to make the count resulting with Zorro taking the 1st round stoppage.

Bout 4 Mark Little vs Dmitrij Kalinovskij 6 x 3mins cruiserweight

Little starting off the busier fighter throwing and landing plenty of jabs working away. The opponent still coming forward plenty but with Little keeping the jab going was keeping him at bay. With the first couple of rounds going pretty much the same way, with the opponent there as just that an opponent but still looking strong a the midway point. In the second half of fight Little seemed to tire a touch which dropped his work rate and allowed his opponent to come forward a little more and pressure him. Towards the fight to me it looked as though the fresher of the two fighters was Kalinovskij and had it been an 8 or 10 round fight may have taken the victory but it was called rightly on points to Little 58-57.

Bout 5 Angelo Bevilacqua vs Rhys Saunders 4 x 3mins super lightweight

This fight actually reminded me a little of Tom and Jerry, odd I know but Saunders at times looking like even though boxing on the back foot that he was enjoying himself and when wanting to was making Bevilacqua fight his fight even as the opponent. With Bevilacqua doing a lot more work and coming forward applying the pressure for me it was winning him the rounds with his busy style. At points though maybe stepping back and doing less could have got him more, with great support in the crowd it felt he was eager to get the stoppage victory but maybe too eager. Eventually picking up the victory on points 39-37.

Bout 6 Jonathan Palata vs Michal Lukacik 4 x 3mins heavyweight

The class was evident between the two fighters from the opening bell with Palata doing the clean and tidy work throughout but at times when you felt he could maybe apply a little more pressure seemed to be holding off, whether hoping to get the rounds in as still early in his professional career. Using feints constantly throughout and making his opponent miss which caused his opponent to constantly keep switching stance but not producing anything from this. Fairly routine victory on points for Palata winning 40-36 but feeling that is only a small glimpse of what he can do.

Bout 7 Anelle Massey vs Vaida Masiokaite 4 x 2mins lightweight

Massey making her debut and at times in the first two rounds this was evident, allowing her opponent to throw the higher volume of punches which was stopping her getting her own work off. Towards the end of the 2nd round though Massey settled better and started to step in and throw straight which as her opponent was widely swinging was finding the target fairly successfully. With the second half of the fight showing Massey had now found her feet and began to push the opponent back with her more accurate and heavier work, making her opponent hesitant to throw. The bout ending in a draw with scores of 38-38 leaving Massey exiting the ring in disappointment as she knew she maybe could have done better at the beginning.

Bout 8 Daniel Mendes vs Remigijus Ziausys 6 x 3mins cruiserweight

Mendes boxing mainly on the box foot with his opponent applying a lot of pressure but not really making anything from it. With Mendes moving well and just picking off his opponent whenever he was stepping forward. Not able to keep up the pressure in the last 3rd of the fight the opponent Ziausys visibly slowing and allowing Mendes to apply pressure of his own and finish the fight off strongly also flooring his opponent but unable to finish him off. Mendes taking the victory on points 60-53.

Bout 9 Linus Udofia vs Michal Gazdik 8 x 3mins middleweight

With the disappointment of his Southern Area clash with Tey Lynn Jones falling through Udofia fought late replacement and former K1 kickboxer Gazdik. Evident from the opening bell the gulf in class between the two, Udofia with his superior footwork and shot selection set about trying to impose himself on his opponent Gazdik. Never really getting out of first gear but also never looking like stopping his opponent Udofia from round 2 or 3 onwards decided to use the fight as more of a technical spar working on certain things but maintaining concentration at all times. Switch hitting, boxing on the front foot, boxing off the back foot, using his superior footwork where just a few of the things he worked on before cruising to a points victory of 80-72.

Bout 10 Ossie Jervier vs Deion Jumah 10 x 3mins Southern Area cruiserweight title

From the opening bell you could see that this fight was only going to go one way with Jumah’s hands down slick movement style standing straight out. With excellent shot selection from the off Jumah imposed himself on Jervier from round 1. With Jervier constantly looking to get in close and tie Jumah up in a clinch, Jumah was electing to use footwork to try and avoid this hitting Jervier at will and making him not really want to commit to anything and struggling against his southpaw opponent.

When opening up Jervier was having a little success and managed at one point to weaken the legs of Jumah with this being probably his biggest highlight of the fight. With Jumah managing to floor his opponent in the 5th round and Jervier climbing to his feet seemingly relatively fine the bout carried on, Jumah sensing the end was near for his opponent jumped straight back on him and floored him once again.

With Jervier making the count and returning to his feet the bout seemingly was about to carry on but Jervier’s corner felt he wasn’t so much unable to carry on but more feared what could happen if he did which led to them throwing in the towel and the ref halting the bout in the 5th round. Jervier looking visibly upset with the corners decision. Jumah winning his maiden title as a pro via TKO in the 5th. Can’t see him being at this level for much longer though.

Bout 11 Jack Hughes vs Ricky Little 10 x 3mins Southern Area super flyweight title

Fighting for the maiden super flyweight title many, myself included felt it was a foregone conclusion for Hughes to take the victory. With Little’s record deceiving to flatter at 3-2-1 and with a visible size difference between the two.

From the first bell though this opinion was soon changed and it was evident that Little had not come to lie down, countering impressively and unable to miss with the overhand right Little seemed to have Hughes timed perfectly. Hughes at times not able to find his distance very well and lunging in with punches leaving himself massively open to that overhand right that Little was having so much success with. With Little holding the centre of the ring very well and making

Hughes work a lot more trying to move around him and tiring his opponent out. Hughes trying to change things and pressure his opponent more just left himself further open to the counters from Little. This was very much the theme to most of the fight until the mid point were Hughes upped the pressure and was getting relatively more success with the faster feet and able to get in and out a little quicker.

With Little tiring towards the end of the bout it made it a bit more fan friendly as he was unable to counter Hughes as effectively allowing Hughes to bank a few rounds towards the end having not really changed much. A fight made close only because of the drop in work rate from Little both eventually see the final bell taking it to the score cards. Little picking up the maiden super flyweight title on points with the ref Kieran McCann scoring it 96-94 in Little’s favour.

Bout 12 Youssef Khoumari vs Dave Birmingham 6 x 3mins lightweight

Birmingham starting off the aggressor in this fight with Khoumari happy to sit on backfoot and counter him with the cleaner harder punching. Great back and forth fight which looked like going the distance until the final round where after straying low with one of his punches Khoumari allowed the ref to give Birmingham a break to recover. Birmingham feeling aggrieved by this went on the attack as the action resumed but ended up getting himself caught up in a brawl with Khoumari pinning him to the ropes and the ref deciding to call a halt to proceedings before Birmingham took any lasting damage. Result was Khoumari TKO round 6.

Bout 13 Miles Shinkwin vs Joel McIntyre 10 x 3mins English light heavyweight title fight

Already fighting twice previously this was a rubber match between the two fighters having been 1-1 from the first two bouts. McIntyre having previously been English champion by beating Shinkwin started the bout determined to walk his man down and apply pressure constantly never really taking a step back. With Shinkwin fighting in what I would describe as a very Grovesque way with his hands down and pumping the jab up from the waist as McIntyre tried to force his way in.

The aggressive come forward style of McIntyre I felt may not be maintained but was very wrong with this as he came forward constantly for the full 10 rounds barely taking a step back and making Shinkwin constantly work but sometimes coming forward a little to much spoiling his own work and allowing Shinkwin to tie him up and catch himself little breaks here and there.

Shinkwin fighting to a great game plan started to time McIntyre very well and catch him coming in with great counter punching and a solid meaty jab. With the bout eventually going to the three ringside judges with scoring of 99-91, 96-94 and 97-92 with the two latter scores giving more of a true reflection on how I felt the fight went it was called unanimously to a deserved winner in Miles Shinkwin and sealing the trio of fights with a 2-1 victory while also picking up the vacant English light heavyweight title.

Bout 14 Chris Davies vs Attila Tibor Nagy 6 x 3mins super middleweight.

What a rollercoaster of a fight this was. Billed for 6 rounds but the way these two went at it you would have thought it was billed as a one round shootout. With Davies starting the bout trying to slowly find his way into it with the smarter boxing his opponent Nagy came out swinging from the ground up. Davies struggled to keep his man at bay and evidently paid the price for this by suffering a very heavy knockdown, one of which I didn’t expect him to rise from. But rise from it he did and not only did he weather the storm that came from the opponent after the ref resumed action but he managed to impose himself and go on the attack.

Pushing his opponent back and landing some heavy blows Davies floored Nagy, with Nagy taking a knee and then unwilling to get up from the count Davies turned what looked like a sure fire loss into an imposing win showing that when needed he can grit his teeth and dig in. Davies winning by KO in round 1.

Bout 15 Dennis Denikajev vs Lee Hallett 4 x 3mins super lightweight

Starting instantly with a negative style you always felt that Hallett had come just to be the opponent, moving around the edge of the ring as much as he could to try and not have to face engaging much with Denikajev.

Denikajev trying to force the fight and working a jab found himself constantly trying to cut off the ring and walk down his opponent with Hallett feinting a lot but not doing much beyond that. Denikajev managed to land a great 1-2 which put Hallett down, not really seeming effected by the knock down Hallett carried on moving as he was on the back foot just in there to survive. Personally felt if Denikajev had applied a bit more sustained pressure he may have got the stoppage against the negative Hallett. Denikajev taking the victory by 40-35 on the refs scorecard.

Bout 16 Jerome Campbell vs Jamie Speight 4 x 3mins lightweight

Even being the final bout of the evening it had not dampened the vocal support Campbell received coming to the ring as he entered in a Christmas hat. Speight as normal there to see what Campbell can produce he allowed Campbell to fight his fight. With Campbell in superb condition and landing heavy tell body blows it felt like this bout could end early. But with the experience Speight carries and all the little tricks of the trade he has picked up over the years he managed to not only survive but for me really come alive in the 4th and final round. Knowing this was the final round Speight began to showboat a little and show Campbell that if he had wanted to he could have made the whole fight a lot more interesting with slick countering and great movement.

Take nothing away from Campbell though he performed well over the 4 rounds and was never in any danger of not picking up the victory. With Campbell eventually taking the victory on points 40-37.

Fight of the night for me was the 10 rounds of action in the English light heavyweight title bout. This for me felt like it was a big fight beforehand and lived up to that. With styles gelling perfectly with the boxer puncher Shinkwin and the brawler effective pressure fighting of McIntyre. What for me made it fight of the night was the fact at any point you felt something big could happen and you didn’t want to take your eyes from the fight, with it never feeling one sided and both fighters having their success.


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