Brave South Africa: Adam Townsend’s Debut Mobilises Hometown in Viewing Parties

Brave South Africa: Adam Townsend’s Debut Mobilises Hometown in Viewing Parties

For years, sports have been a way to represent athletes’ families, communities, and countries worldwide and it’s not different with Brave Combat Federation or the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. When Brave 19 main event kicks-off on December 8, a small community in Tennessee, almost 9 thousand miles away from South Africa, will be mobilized and in front of their TVs to watch and cheer for one of their proudest members.

With around four thousand residents, the town of Hampton, in the Tri-cities area, is the home of Adam Townsend, who is making his promotional debut at Brave Combat Federation headlining the South African card. “Hampton is definitely a small community but I’m very proud to be a part of. I train in Johnson City, at D3 MMA, but Hampton is where I am from!”, he stated.

In a ritual that became a local tradition every time “Primetime” fights, the small city will have nothing less than three viewing-parties dedicated to follow and support Townsend performance. “They always have such viewing-parties for my fights. I’m just blessed to have such support from my community. I really appreciate and I invite all of my people to come and watch my fight against Mark Hulme, at Brave 19, in South Africa”, Adam said.

For those around the Tri-Cities area and willing to join Adam Townsend’s viewing parties, they will take place at Jiggy Rays, El Charolai, and OT Sports. More information about the events can be obtained directly with the organizers or at

For those in South Africa, or planning a trip to the Rainbow Nation, Brave 19 will take place in Sun City, in the outskirts of Johannesburg, on December 8. The main bout of the night will put face-to-face Adam Townsend and the hometown hero Mark Hulme. The event will be part of Brave Africa Combat Week, the very first of its kind outside of Bahrain, with several combat-related activities, including a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament and an amateur MMA fight night.

Source: Brave FC


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