Pudzianowski to face Olympic Gold Medallist Weightlifter at KSW 47

Pudzianowski to face Olympic Gold Medallist Weightlifter at KSW 47

Five-time world’s strongest man Mariusz Pudzianowski (12-6) will meet Olympic Gold medallist Szymon Kołecki (6-1) in the main event of KSW 47 in Lodz, Poland on March 23.

Man mountain Pudzianowski has been one of the most popular figures in all of sport in Poland. Making his MMA debut in 2009 after dominating the world of strongman, winning five world titles, Pudzianowski has evolved and adapted himself over the years to become a legit MMA fighter.

The 41-year-old holds career wins over a host of big names in the sport including veterans Sean McCorkle, Oli Thompson, and Rolles Gracie. Lately Pudzianowski has looked the best in his whole career and is currently on a 3-1 run.

Now he faces a tough challenge in the shape of Olympic champion Szymon Kołecki. After winning gold in weightlifting at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing he then retired and speaheaded the Polish weightlifting committee. However the competitive itch was too much for him in 2017 he made his transition into MMA. The 37-year-old has registered six first round stoppage wins on the Polish scene including finishing Croatian veteran Ivo Cuk in less than minute in his last win.

Source: KSW


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