FightPost Team Predictions: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

FightPost Team Predictions: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

The FightPost team have made their predictions for the big heavyweight clash for the WBC heavyweight title between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Out of 27 team members who made their predictions, with Fury edging it by scores of 14-13.

The poll on the Facebook page is still on-going which sees Fury getting the majority of the votes with 56% of the share.

All 13 of the team who think Wilder will prevail think he will do so by stoppage.

FightPost: Wilder in 9

Calum Christie: Wilder in 9

Aidan O’Connor: Wilder in 6

Matthew Dean: Wilder in 9

Liam Lawer: Wilder in 9

Myles Hutton: Wilder in 5

Ben Jessop: Wilder in 7

Alex Conway: Wilder in 8

Joe Jessop: Wilder in 10

Michael Richards: Wilder in 9

Eduardo Ramon: Wilder in 8

Oliver McManus: Wilder in 7

Jake Adkins: Wilder in 11


Jonathan Oxley: Fury in 7

Paul Oltai: Fury on points

Henry Walter: Fury on points

Dan McConnell: Fury on points

Jon Prentice: Fury on points

Ell: Fury on points

Sina Latif: Fury on points

Ben Blackwell: Fury in 10

Claudia Peterson: Fury on points

Candice Hall: Fury in 10

Kieran Cobley: Fury in 10

Allen Payne: Fury on points

Emma J Bramford: Fury in 6

Deaglan Heading: Fury on points



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