Robbie Lawler v Ben Askren Confirmed For UFC 233

Robbie Lawler v Ben Askren Confirmed For UFC 233

By Aidan O’Connor

It was announced officially yesterday that Ben Askren would be introduced to the UFC for his debut fight for the organisation at UFC 233 against none other than Ruthless Robbie Lawler in Anaheim, California. This comes after the swap deals made with ONE Championship over the last few weeks.

The fight fans have been extremely vocal in who they wanted Askren to have his first fight against. Some of which included the likes of Darren Till, Colby Covington and the man himself Robbie Lawler so it came as no surprise when one of those 3 were announced.

This bout is fascinating to fight fans as you have Robbie Lawler, former welterweight champion who made his UFC debut in 2002, who has had over 40 career professional fights, a man who has had absolute wars against the likes of Rory MacDonald, Carlos Condit and Johnny Hendricks and has the knockout power to finish a fight in a split second, against the newcomer Ben Askren.

Askren who would be fairly unknown by many in the UFC community if not for Joe Rogan speaking very highly of him and having him on the JRE Podcast.

The undefeated ONE Championship welterweight champion standing at 18-0 has a fighting style which mainly revolves around wrestling his opponents to the ground and working on getting a submission but don’t let this fool you. Askren has 6 knockouts on his 18-win record which clearly shows that he also possesses the knockout power needed to finish the fight.

One of the main reasons Ben Askren has gained so much attention by the MMA community is due to his social media antics, constantly going at fighter over twitter and pretty much calling everyone except Dana White out to a fight. A tactic which seems to work in my opinion, he has gained the attention of many people who otherwise would not give him a second look in. He has straight away got a fight at a main event PPV with one of the UFC’s greatest fighters and he has done this by building up his personality, as many do now in the UFC.

In summary I feel if this fight can stay on its feet, which is fairly unlikely, Robbie Lawler has a great possibility of winning, whether that be by decision or KO as we all know he easily possesses the stamina to keep a full tank of energy until the very end. I also feel that if Askren can take the fight to the ground early on and control the tempo from there, this fight could potentially turn into nothing more than a tune up fight for him. Either way I am extremely excited to witness this bout amongst the rest of the UFC 233 card.

UFC 233 is shaping up to become a great spectacle with the bout already being announced as somewhat of a super fight, bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw v flyweight champion Henry Cejudo for the flyweight Title. As well as the flyweight title being on the line it is also heavily rumoured that Tyron Woodley could very well be putting his welterweight title on the line against the trash talking expert Colby Covington, a fight that is sure to happen sooner rather than later.


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