Big Fight Prediction: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Big Fight Prediction: Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury has received many well-deserved plaudits for his return to the ring after his well-documented problems, but now the focus needs to be switched to his fight with Deontay Wilder and specifically can he actually still fight at this level.

Fury’s return to competitive action this year has seen two fights against lower grade opposition in the form of Sefer Seferi and Francesco Pianeta. Calling the Seferi a fight is one hell of a stretch, but Fury just needed to get back inside a boxing ring, and it served its purpose. The Pianeta fight was better, and he got some much-needed rounds under his belt, but Fury would have had harder sparring sessions. The obvious question is, is Fury really ready for this fight with Wilder.

The unbeaten WBC champion despite all his critics about his quality of opposition and the windmill comparisons, gets the job done and on all but one occasion, inside the scheduled distance. If Wilder lands clean on Fury, then the odds will be that Fury will be another victim and will fall just like 39 of Wilder’s 40 opponents.

Despite being 40-0, Wilder hasn’t got the profile he should have, periods of inactivity and not really having that dance partner have hindered him. But in Fury, he has that dance partner, the lineal champion has the name and there is little doubt that this is the highest profile fight of his career. You can also call it smart matchmaking, cynical even, fighting Fury at this stage of his comeback looks to be a far easier proposition than say in 6 months time.

Wilder was ringside when Fury beat Pianeta, but nothing he witnessed would have bothered him too much. Fury (27-0) comfortably won the fight but didn’t convince me he was yet ready for Wilder. I have my doubts this is the right time for Fury and personally I would have preferred at least one more fight against someone near the top 10, so we have a better gauge of what Fury has left, at the minute the jury is still very much out.


Wilder: 8/13

Fury: 6/4 

While Wilder is the obvious favourite, Fury is a surprisingly short 6/4 to complete his journey to redemption. If you are looking for how each will win, Wilder if he is to win, you figure it would be by a stoppage and he is 11/10 to win inside the distance, Fury is 9/4 to win on points, which seems his logical route to victory.


Picking a winner you nearly always have to go with recent form, with what you know. The problem with Fury, is we don’t know what he has left, the two comeback fights proved very little. Can I see Fury winning, absolutely, I think he has the style to give Wilder severe problems. Fury has the sort of style that can give any heavyweight problems, but the problem I have is that doubt, I think it’s too soon, I haven’t seen enough to be fully convinced. If Fury had fought just once more on his comeback against stiffer competition then I might very well pick Fury to frustrate Wilder all night long.

But I can’t just make a prediction on what Fury was, or might be again, the Fury who beat Pianeta, doesn’t beat Wilder. I accept he will improve further from his last fight, but I seriously doubt it will be enough to see him prevail. However, I do think Fury will do well in the early stages, and Wilder may well have to come from behind to win. The movement and the switch hitting will do its job, but only for so long. At some point, Wilder will catch him, and that will be the beginning of the end for Fury.

I expect Wilder to get the win and force the stoppage around the 9th, and then we will get another round of boxing politics and Anthony Joshua will hope the deal finally gets done.



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