Tyson Fury: The Long Road Back

Tyson Fury: The Long Road Back

People who haven’t suffered from mental illness or been around someone who has, can’t really fully appreciate or understand the journey Tyson Fury has been on in the last few years.

Battling demons inside your head that only you can hear, in one of the toughest sports you can be in, where self-confidence and belief are often paramount, must have been hell for the former world heavyweight champion. The weight loss gets most of the print and the airtime, but the battle has been so much more, a fight much tougher than any opponent he will ever face inside a boxing ring.

The well-documented problems Fury has endured over the last few years have been dealt with in the full glare of the public eye, which makes his return to the ring even more impressive in my opinion.

You get the sense that Fury needs boxing, it’s part of his recovery, and despite the often controversial side of Fury, boxing needs him.

Fury challenges Deontay Wilder for the WBC world heavyweight title this weekend, a chance that has come unexpectedly early on his journey to redemption, maybe too early.

After climbing the mountain of his personal demons, a fight that he will still have to deal with on a daily basis probably for the rest of his life, the prospect of facing the undefeated champion will be far less daunting. Wilder will pose many problems on Saturday night and Fury has a lot of questions that need answering on his boxing comeback, Wilder will tell us exactly where Fury belongs in the current crop of heavyweights.

But win or lose on Saturday night, Fury deserves all the credit in the world for just being in that position. While others contrive excuses and play the blame game, Fury stepped up. Fury has overcome so much in recent years, and you wouldn’t be surprised if he completes his remarkable journey in Los Angeles.


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