Tito Ortiz Stops Chuck Liddell in 1

Tito Ortiz Stops Chuck Liddell in 1

With virtually all the top MMA fighters contracted to the various MMA promotions around the world, for a new promotion to try their hand in the sport is always going to be problematic. But for Golden Boy to enter the fray with an event headlined by Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz was always morally questionable. We live in an age of no age discrimination, and while that is obviously right and proper, the world of combat sports should at least have some semblance of stricter standards when it comes to giving fighters the green light to compete.

I have less of a problem with the 43-year-old Ortiz being licensed to fight, at least his prime is still somewhere in sight, but the case of Liddell, just two years shy of his 50th birthday is another story. Liddell hasn’t won a fight since 2007, hasn’t fought at all since 2010 and lost his last 3 fights by KO, he had no business being anywhere near the cage in California.

Everything about the event left me cold, disgusted even, and the spectacle was sad and predictable. For the record Ortiz gained revenge for his previous two defeats to Liddell, by stopping his old foe at 4:24 of the 1st round, Ortiz caught Liddell with the old one-two and when Liddell fell to the floor it was quickly and mercifully waved off. Liddell looked stiff, everything he did looked as though it was in slow motion, and you have to wonder what he showed in training. If he looked this bad in camp, then why was the fight still allowed to happen, were there no in-camp checks, be it the commission, the promoters or people in Liddell’s camp, someone should have pulled the plug long before Liddell entered the cage.

Ortiz has said he will never fight again, hopefully, this time he means it. For Liddell, he talked post-fight about sitting back and thinking about the future, and said he felt good and just made a mistake. If Liddell truly thinks that, then Liddell is one of those fighters who need protecting from themselves, the decision should be made for him.

Liddell drops to 21-9, Ortiz improved his record to 20-12-1.


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