Michael B Jordan Goes Off Script?

Michael B Jordan Goes Off Script?

By Henry Walter 

Creed star Michael B Jordan has incurred the wrath of boxing legend Roy Jones Jr after allegedly claiming he could beat the ageing former champ in a real fight.


31-year-old film-star Jordan has been training in boxing for some years for his role as the son of fictional heavyweight champion Apollo Creed in the Rocky movie spin offs.

Quotes attributed to Jordan contained a claim that Jordan was capable of beating Jones due to the latter’s age. Jordan admitted that he would “probably” have lost to the boxing legend when Jones was at his peak but added:

“Now I could do my thing.”

Upon being informed of Jordan’s comments, the 49-year-old Jones, immediately challenged the actor to a fight.

“I duck no one. I don’t even run from hurricanes when they come down here. If Michael B. wants this for real, contact Roy Jones Jr and we will make it happen.”

It is unclear how serious Jordan was being when he made his claims but Jones has certainly taken them seriously. Even at 49 Jones would have far too much for Jordan, who has never fought professionally, and the fact they he would so readily take a fight against someone so raw reflects badly on him.

Jones once attempted to make a fight with a fan but couldn’t get the bout sanctioned. A fight with Jordan would be just as farcical as that proposal.


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