At Exploration Place on Thursday afternoon, the boxing world saw a preview of what will prove to be a fully stacked Nov. 17 Matchroom Boxing USA fight night at the Kansas Star Casino with four bouts on the main card, including headliner Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller against Bogdan Dinu. In a press conference, Saturday night’s fighters gathered to discuss their preparation and predictions ahead of the big night.

Saturday’s event will stream exclusively on DAZN, with coverage beginning at 6 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. CT and the main card starting at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT.

Jarrell Miller

“Everybody knows I’m out spoken, but I keep it PG13 because I’m a boxer. Bogdan, he’s a fighter like me, he had a different route growing up in Romania, and nothing was given to him, but he’s fighting Big Baby Miller and I’m a different animal. Saturday night I’m going to rip your head off.”

“You’re in front of me and you’re trying to take something from me. I’m going to bury you Saturday night.”

“I want Anthony. If he’s not ready I want Whyte!”

Bogdan Dinu

“I need a big fight. Miller has had lot of big fights and now this will be a good test for me. I’m ready for this.”

Claressa Shields

On the fight and making weight: “I’m making the weight just fine, I feel good, I feel strong, and it’s just time for some redemption. A couple girls have been disrespectful, and it’s not about respecting me because I have two Olympic gold medals, it’s about respecting me because I’m a winner.

“I’m the greatest women’s boxer of all time whether you respect it or not, and just know you can’t beat me.”

On consistently going for the knockout: “There’s levels to this, if I have to go in there and dog it out to get the win, I’ll do that, if I have to go in there and box to get the win, I’ll do that. Only the girls who have the skill level and experience can last with me and she doesn’t have it. She’s talking all this bullshit, but bring the same game Saturday and I don’t want to hear any excuses.”

Hannah Rankin

“Camp has been great. I’m ready to go on Saturday. Claressa kept saying she’s going to knock me out, but that won’t happen.”

On Claressa looking past her: “I really hope she is because come Saturday night I got a surprise for you. I’m going to knock you out and I’m taking those belts back to the UK.”

On her confidence going into the fight: “I believe in myself, in my team, and I’m coming home with those belts.”

Gabriel Rosado

“I’ve been here before and know it was it takes. I’ve won some and lost some. A this point in my career I’m focused, I’m blessed, and excited. It’s going to be a great fight. Arias has been talking a lot of smack, but I’ve heard and seen it all before.”

Keys to victory: “For me to still be relevant and healthy says a lot. The experience factor is key in this fight. He came up short in his last fight and at end of day he hasn’t been against the competition I have. It’s going to be easy work.”

Importance of this fight: “I’m not putting pressure on me. I’m looking ahead and taking advantage of the moment. Not thinking of Canelo, Jacobs, any of those dudes. I’m focused 100%.”

Luis Arias

“Rosado, I don’t hate him and I don’t really like him. He turned Hollywood, still wearing sunglasses inside.”

“All this experience is bullshit. It’s all losses man. A loss is not good. The reason you have to fight people back-to-back is because you kept losing. You’re the name I need and I’m going to prove it Saturday night.”

“I’m just at a more mature, better stage in my life. I’m comfortable, and jumped on the opportunity.”

On his loss to Daniel Jacobs: “I was not ready for that fight. I’m better, stronger, no excuses.”

Prediction: “I don’t think this fight is going to go the distance.”

Brandon Rios

“I’m well prepared, ready to fight, and it feels good to be back in Kansas. I feel good and ready to put on a good show.
At the end of day, we ready and ready to show people we still have it. They must have forgotten. They think I’m done, over the hill. I have some losses in my career, but it’s okay.”

“I’m really excited for this card because Rosado and Arias is going to be the greatest fight ever. Tune in to DAZN, it’s going to be great fight with these two animals going at it.”RRELL “BIG BABY” MILLER VS. BOGDAN DINU PRESS CONFERENCE QUOTES

Source: DAZN


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