The Reasons I Feel Tony Bellew Will Beat Oleksandr Usyk

The Reasons I Feel Tony Bellew Will Beat Oleksandr Usyk

By Aidan O’Connor

1 – His Heart.

Nobody can deny that out of the many fighters currently at the top level, Tony Bellew possesses possibly the most heart. He is more than used to being the underdog in huge fights and coming out on top. This was shown in the Makabu fight, the Flores fight and in both of the Haye bouts where he was massively doubted by practically everybody. This fuels Bellew in a big way, he loves being the underdog and his heart usually enhances his ability. He is no longer fighting for himself, in his own words “The only reason I still fight is to set up my kids for life” and that is a dangerous game to play as the opponent is in theory coming between him and his family’s future.

2 – His Power.

Although Usyk has a great amount of speed, I feel Tony possesses a great deal more power. Out of his 30 Professional fights, Bellew has knocked out 20 of his opponents. Usyk is undefeated at 15-0 with 11 KO’s but I feel that he will not be able to knock out Tony Bellew. If Bellew fights smart and doesn’t let his emotions get the better of him I feel that he can land one big punch that could change the whole fight. To be able to knock out David Haye twice in 2 fights is an indicator of how strong Tony is, no matter what people say about the first fight and how Haye was injured etc. The second fight shut the mouths of all of his doubters where he outclassed Haye from start to finish and dropped him a good number of times.

3 – His Team.

When you look at Bellew’s team around him you realise where he gets his confidence from. Dave Coldwell who has trained and worked with World, European, British, English and Commonwealth Champions is without a doubt a superb coach and I feel that he gives Bellew the ability and the confidence that he needs going into big fights. He has trained with some of the best fighters we have seen and developed Tony using the knowledge he has gained throughout the years. When I say team, I also mean the support he gets outside of boxing too. Being an Everton fan myself I know just how much the team gets behind him: Bringing him on the pitch before games, putting interviews with him online etc. and from a lad who loves Everton more than most things in his life, this is a real push for him to do well to give his fans what they want.

In conclusion I feel that Tony wins this bout by KO late in the fight, if I had to pick I would say the 8th Round. Either way I wish the two fighters all the best and look forward to watching the fight.


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