Paddy Pimblett Out of CW100

Paddy Pimblett Out of CW100

Paddy has just posted the following statement on his social media:

I’m absolutely gutted am sat here writing this. Every fighter knows this is the hardest type of message to write, there is nothing I wanted more then to complete on such a historic event in #cw100.

I’ve got to go back and have the same operation on my hand that I had 4 months ago. The bone in my hand has gone again and its a 2nd op for me now to get this fixed. Im hoping the operation gets scheduled pre xmas so I can get back in there asap.

I want to honour my commitment to Donovan Desmae, we both signed our contracts and we will rebook this fight as soon as my hands better Donovan will be asked first.

Yanno hopefully the op wont be scheduled around Dec 8th so that I can still be at #Cw100 to support my team mates and meet the fans. Again am so sorry to everyone who’s behind me but yous will see a new improved me in 2019 no injuries to worry about just a 100% me…. and no ones ready 👊🏻


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