FightPost Prospect Watch: Ekow Essuman

FightPost Prospect Watch: Ekow Essuman

By Liam Lawer

A lot of talk in boxing is dedicated to the cultivation of a prospect through the professional ranks. If the matchmaking is too soft, then progress can slow or even reverse, and a fighter can find themselves overwhelmed when thrown in with someone capable. Too tough, and a boxer can become discouraged or prematurely damaged, never given the freedom to realise their full potential. Allowing a fighter to learn and yet be protected is an alchemy that not all get right. With this in mind, Ekow Essuman deserves your attention.

Born in Botswana and fighting out of Nottingham, the man they call ‘The Engine’ is gathering steam after two years in the pro game and nine victories without blemish. These would mean little if all had been against the kind of undersized, overmatched foes which bulk up far too many British records, but Essuman is taking a more valuable path.


Ekow 29, holds wins over 2012 Olympian Serge Ambombo, fresh off his upset over 16-0 Tamuka Mucha, and former two-weight Midlands Area Champion Andy Keates. The latter was for the vacant English Welterweight title just a few weeks ago, and Essuman dominated, dropping Keates four times on route to a fifth-round stoppage. This was the third knockout of his promising career.

A good start then, no question, but there is enough to suggest that he won’t be stalling anytime soon. Essuman, was also a standout amateur, featuring in the WSB as part of the British Lionheart team. He impressed with his calculated pressure and, unsurprisingly, immense stamina, useful ingredients for the pro ranks he joined after missing out on the Rio Olympics.

Perhaps most impressive however, is the man outside of the ring. Just listen to him speak, or read an interview of his, and it is abundantly clear why he has been successful. Talking once more of alchemy, add to his boxing skills confidence, composure and intelligence, and you have made quite the formidable fighter.

Progress has been good so far, but as the Engine takes on better opponents, he will need to go through the gears.

For now though, he has only just started running.

Photo Credit: Nottingham Post


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