Quick-Fire Interview With Jono Carroll

Quick-Fire Interview With Jono Carroll

By Jamie Roberts 


Following his demolition of old foe Deco Geraghty in June, Irish super featherweight, Jono ‘King Kong’ Carroll, has moved a step closer to his dream of becoming a world champion.

Here, in the first of a series of quick-fire interviews, Carroll answers my questions on life inside and outside of the ring.

JR: Hey Jono, congratulations on the upcoming fight. 2019 will be some year for you, I reckon. So, the idea is five quick boxing questions and five light-hearted personal questions.

JC: No worries my man, fling them at me.

JR: What’s your favourite moment in boxing to date?

JC: I have to say my favourite moment was when I stopped my last opponent (Geraghty). It was something that I wanted to put to rest for a very long time. It dragged out, but it was always in my head every fight had, so it was a bit personal and for me to win in the fashion that I did made myself and my family very proud.

JR: You have been back and forth with Tevin Farmer (IBF super featherweight world champion) on Twitter. What would be your prediction for the fight?

JC: My prediction is that he’ll be very slick and hard to pin down for the first three or four (rounds). There is going to be some rocky moments in those rounds. But, after that I’ll start to break him up and even hurt his head and body. In the later rounds I even predict I could stop him to the head or body, it doesn’t matter. But that is exactly how the fight will pan out.

JR: It’ll be a hell of a fight and a chance to introduce yourself properly on an American platform and get those big bucks rolling in!

JC: Exactly my man! That’s what it’s all about. Make an impact so the people can’t forget me.

JR: How do you think boxing has helped you in the past?

JC: Boxing has helped me by keeping me away from the path of drugs and the party life that some of my old friends went down. It has taught me how to be respectful towards others and treat everyone the same, whether they are starting or are pro. I also think it has made me very mentally strong. Boxing hasn’t only helped me in the past, it’s helping every single day of my life. It gives me direction and a purpose.

JR: What’s your biggest strength?

JC: My mentality. No one can beat me inside my head. No matter how much I’m losing, I will always believe I can turn it around. My mind is amazing. What it puts my body through is torture, haha.

JR: What’s your favourite part of camp?

JC: Sparring is by far the best part, but ultimately, the best part is when it’s over, ha. That last week is great. I love the shape I’m in and I love not having to work so hard.

JR: What’s your choice of cheat meal?

JC: I don’t really have a choice of cheat meal. I don’t need that crap, I eat plenty all the time and always the right foods. I look at food like it’s fuel for my body, so I don’t put no bad stuff in there. That’s for the weak-minded.

JR: What is your karaoke song choice?

JC: The Lion King. Oh, I just can’t wait to be king! Haha.

JR: What TV show would you most like to appear on?

JC: Ellen. She’s the business, haha
JR: What’s a random fact about yourself?

JC: That’s a hard one, I’m not going to lie. Hmm. I love animals so much; I’m always obsessed with them. I can feed my fish and watch them eat for ages – stupid things like that. I always want more animals, no matter how many I have. I’ve a real addictive personality too, so when I love something, it’s all or nothing for me.

JR: Where is your favourite destination for a holiday?

JC: I don’t really have a favourite just yet because I want to travel the world, then I’ll let you know! The whole world is amazing and different places have different qualities, so I can’t really say what my favourite one is. But Indonesia is the best I’ve been so far. It was a real eye opener for me how some people live. Rich and poor – it’s madness.

With an unblemished record to date with 16 wins from 16 bouts, the former Prizefighter champion is destined for big things in the ring and his personality – and Spartan-like beard – are sure to earn him a huge following in the near future.


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