MTK Global Team Members Offer Coaching Tips at Fight 4 Change Gym

MTK Global Team Members Offer Coaching Tips at Fight 4 Change Gym

Several MTK Global team members spent time at London’s Fight 4 Change gym to offer delighted youngsters some boxing tips last week.

The charity, which uses boxing and fitness as a pathway for at-risk young people, welcomed fighters Ryan Farrag, Dan Azeez, Roseanna Cox and MTK Marbella coach Albert Ayrapetyan to offer some expert advice. Their MTK Global team-mate Charlie Driscoll already coaches regularly at the facility.

Fight 4 Change CEO Rebecca Donnelly MBE is pleased with the progress of the initiative and is hoping to keep increasing its positive impact on society in unison with the MTK Foundation.

Donnelly said: “It’s all funded so it’s all free. We’ve got a younger age group and an older age group. We’ve got Charlie Driscoll who helps with the coaching – he’s a young MTK Global fighter.

“We’ve got a number of programmes. We’ve got one for those who work with mental health issues, one for gang intervention and a female-only programme designed to empower females. We are addressing a range of issues.

“In terms of the MTK Foundation, we are looking at where we merge in terms of the educational components and finding where the synergies are so we can work together closely.

“I’d like to give a big shout to MTK Global. They’ve got some great fighters coming down here and they’ve given lots of tickets to the kids. The aura and confidence the fighters bring inspires the kids to try and emulate them.

“I think everyone should work for their passion. It’s not to say it’s not stressful but I get to work with some great people.”

Source: MTK Global


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